Restaurants In Soweto

Come with us as we take a big bite of all the top restaurants in Soweto. From African to Italian and everything else in between, let’s make your culinary dreams come true.

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Shrouded in a rich culinary history, Soweto is the place for wining and dining ekasi style! With a main focus on ‘local is lekker‘, restaurants in Soweto often fuse South African staples with a European flair, such as Italian and Mediterranean. But enough chit-chat, let’s introduce you to the wonderful world of restaurants in Soweto!

Street Food


Restaurant Vilakazi

Interestingly enough, Restaurant Vilakazi‘s menu boasts Mediterranean, as well as local urban and traditional foods which is a spectacular display of Soweto fusing with the world.

Visit Restaurant Vilakazi.

Restaurants In Soweto
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Nambitha, which means ‘taste’ in isiXhosa, first opened its doors in 1999 and is the brainchild of Khulani Vilakazi. It’s famous for its sticky wings and homey feel, a go-to spot for when you’re in the mood for a taste of something warm, familiar and flavoursome. You know when you’re keen to chill with your people, devour a plate of something good and indulge in the best of being in Soweto? Nambitha won’t let you down.

restaurants in Soweto
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Known for its pub grub and exciting atmosphere, Nexdor is one of the places that should be penned into the top of your culinary bucket list when visiting restaurants in Soweto. The name, proposed during a fun night at Sakhumzi Restaurant, comes from the fusion of two words ‘next’ and ‘door’ and is written in this fashion to reflect colloquially a local and/or nearby destination in ‘kasi’ speak. On the menu, visitors will find options such as ribs, burgers, and steaks to name a few.

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Chaf Pozi

Situated at the base of Orlando Towers, Chaf Pozi plays as a restaurant by day and turns into a club by night, hosting some of the greatest nightlife events bringing an authentic Soweto experience in food and vibe. The restaurant also offers a Premium Bar with a great selection of alcohol to choose from, anything from Zamalek in a Quart to Johnny Blue on the rocks.

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Restaurants In Soweto
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Situated inside Maponya Mall, Tavern offers a refreshing look at tavern cuisine and trends that serves classic South African food such as dombolo, grilled meat, and so on. On Sundays, visitors can indulge in Cookout Sundays, a buffet-style vibe, perfect to end off the weekend.

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You’ll spot Sakhumzi by the number of diners marching to the restaurant’s front door.  Sakhumzi doubles as a tourist attraction and the place to go when you’ve got your dancing shoes on. It came to be in 2001, now 19 years later it’s created a name for itself as one of Vilakazi’s best. Whether you want an a-la-carte menu selection or you feel like exploiting their famous buffet you can’t go wrong with anything out of their kitchen and the live entertainment on certain occasions is a treat on its own.

Visit Sakhumzi.

Restaurants In Soweto
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The Jazz Maniacs & Rusty’s Bar

Named after the 50s musical group, The Jazz Maniacs offers an oasis to all things fine when it comes to restaurants in Soweto. The menu features traditional South African cuisine with a touch of the Mediterranean. But that’s not why we’re here! The Jazz Maniacs offers a big buffet fit for the hungriest of them all! With roast meats, veg and different choices of starches, patrons can eat to their heart’s content.

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Restaurants In Soweto
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Thrive Café

Vilakazi Street enjoys its glut of Kwaito-thumping, tourist-trap taverns. So, how nice to see the sleek, minimalistic, vuvuzela-free Thrive Café bistro on this famous street. Thrive Café has its finger on the pulse of dining trends in South Africa, making it one of our favourite restaurants in Soweto.

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Restaurants In Soweto
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Looking for restaurants in Soweto? We’ve got you covered. In fact, we found it fairly difficult to place this restaurant. It’s half Italian, half ekasi… just like its owner! Either way, at Sowetalian, you will find rich and cream Italian dishes fused with South African flair, such as pasta with oxtail liver, or chicken tenders served with pasta salad topped with fresh mozzarella. Either way, be sure to get your Sowetalian fix whenever you find yourself in Moroka.

Visit the Sowetalian.

Street Food 

Ntsitsi’s Fun Food

Situated in Diepmeadow, Ntsitsi’s Fun Food is the kind of street stall you would find in an episode of a Netflix food travel show. One of our favourite restaurants in Soweto, Ntsitsi’s menu is filled with real South African street food, and is home to the legendary kota. Not too sure what a kota is? Well, let’s educate you! “Kota” is an approximation of the word “quarter,” for the quarter of the loaf of bread that is the base of the sandwich. The bread is hollowed out, filled first with a layer of seasoned french fries, then topped with optional layers of sauce, cheese, egg, and meat.

Visit Ntsitsi’s Fun Food. 

How about some Bacon in ur KOTA

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