Grabbing Grub In The Vibrant Greenside

Explore the restaurants at one of the most vibrant hubs in Johannesburg – Greenside. The area has a lot to offer, so check out these cool spots.

Greenside Restaurants
Photo By Dukes Burgers

Greenside is home to some of the most amazing restaurants in the city. This city hub offers restaurants for all tastes, whether you’re looking for craft restaurants, drinks or nightlife.

The diversity is absolutely great. Here, there’s a variety of options for all dietary requirements.

Let’s explore this bustling area and all the goodness on offer.

Greenside Restaurants

Momo Baohaus

Momo Baohaus serves wholesome and nutritious meals, using the freshest ingredients.

Their dining experience revolves around tasty food and an overall great experience. The restaurant is home to some amazing poke bowls, sushi rolls and buns.

At Momo Baohaus, there is something for everyone.

Greenside Restaurants

Dukes Burgers

If you love burgers, then Dukes Burgers is the place for you.

Dukes is one of the most loved burger joints in the city. At this spot, you can enjoy tasty and succulent burgers. They have every kind of burger you can think of, giving you the best experience with their different options. At Dukes, you can even indulge in an ostrich burger.

Those who enjoy wine, will love all the wine options.

Greenside Restaurants

Doppio Zero

Doppio Zero has a generous and diverse menu that allows you to eat almost anything and everything that you want.

Their menu allows you to tap into different kinds of food and cuisines, all made with fresh ingredients.

Greenside Restaurants

Conscious 108

Conscious 108 has become a favourite because of their delicious fueling food.

This vegan restaurant crafts creative meals that will surprise your taste buds. Their tasty meals and beverages will keep you satisfied with breakfast, lunch, light meals and supper.

Let’s Indulge

Time to explore all the yummy restaurants in Greenside.

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