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Once again it is time for the biggest reptile expo in Africa. On the Saturday, 5th and Sunday, 6th of May 2018 the SOS² Reptile Expo is going to be held in the luxurious conference halls at Emperors Palace. With its plentiful parking and a place to drop off the kids and the wife (or hubby) who is not that interested in the unusual side of the pet world there is no excuse to not pop by.

This year the expo will also be running a fund raiser to establish an antivenom bank in Swaziland to help combat the death and destruction caused by snake bites and for which there is currently no decent medical help available. At the moment they do not have access to antivenom and the delay in obtaining any in the event of a serious envenomation causes untold misery and increases the eventual medical attention required.

The SOS² Reptile Expo will be featuring the produce of all the top reptile and arachnid breeders in South Africa and every decent reptile pet shop in Gauteng will be there to entice customers with their newest products. With all the competition within one hall the prices are sure to be the lowest they can offer. Reptile apparel in the form of T-shirts and even underwear will also be on offer to dress for the part.

Along with the cream of this year’s baby reptiles and arachnids on display and for sale, there are also always new products being developed and these will all be on sale for the budding or experienced reptile keeper alike.

Some new species and colour or pattern morphs will be available for the first time, so these would classify as investment opportunities. At least buying like this you get the animals from the breeder (at a good price) and you know who to contact if you need advice.

If you are just looking for something exotic and not harmful there will also be many different chameleons, geckos and more placid reptiles on offer. Mantids and stick insects will also scratch that itch to own something exotic without breaking a piggy banks entire savings.

Live food in the form of crickets, cockroaches, mealworms, super worms and other delicacies will be available. Frozen rodents will also be on offer so bring a cooler bag if you intend taking any home.

If the prices are not within your range a quick trip to the casino might just make that expensive animal more easily affordable. Tickets are available at the door or via Computicket.

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