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Who doesn’t enjoy a good love story? We know we do, which is why we are excited to introduce our brand-new feature, Real Weddings! We have gone in search of newlyweds around the city to give us the deets of their happily ever after, from the moment they met and how he proposed to the day they said “I do”. And kicking off our new feature is Dinisha and Suren, with their stunning, vibrant traditional Indian wedding.

In the beginning… 

How did you meet?

It was the beginning of March 2015 and I was chatting to my aunt and telling her that I have just had such bad luck with relationships. And while doing so, I asked her if she didn’t have any eligible nephews from the other side of her family. With an immediate response, she chirped up and said, “Yes, I do and he is single.” So, she gave Suren, her nephew, my number and I waited patiently to hear from him… Finally, a month later, he messaged me and we got chatting. We went on our first date a week later and it was the best date I had ever been on. (Just for the record, we are not related. [Laughs.])

How did he propose? 

Suren decided to surprise me with a trip to Cape Town to celebrate our one year anniversary. He had planned a hike up Table Mountain and it was quite a rush to get from the airport to the hotel to get ready for the guide to fetch us. When we got to the mountain to start the hike, the hike instructor told us to take the cable car and she will meet us at the top because she had a picnic planned for all of us.

The view at the top was the most gorgeous sight I have ever seen in my life. But after an hour of looking at the view, I started to get a little irritable and wanted to get down the mountain. Suren told me to wait half an hour more and took me for a cocktail. While sipping on my slushy cocktail, he said, “Do not drink too much, you may regret what you say later.” That went straight over my head…

Eventually, Suren decided it was time to leave and we would meet the instructor later. As we approached the cable car, we found that it wasn’t working – which just made me even more irritable. At that moment we received a message to meet the instructor on the side of the mountain that faces the Twelve Apostles mountain range. As I approached her with Suren walking behind me, I saw a picnic blanket set up with snacks, champagne and roses. Suren, still standing behind me, asked me what I thought of the view. When I turned to him, he went down on one knee and told me that he loves me and wants to me to be his wife. Without a doubt in my mind I blurted out yes!

What was the easiest and most difficult part of the wedding planning process?

The easiest part was that, as we like the same things, we agreed on everything and knew what we wanted. The most difficult part was that the family had their own idea of what they wanted our wedding to be.

Do you have any tips to make the most out of your planning?

Do not sweat the small stuff. Things are bound to fall apart on the day, but this is why getting family and friends involved is a good idea. Delegating duties takes a massive load off the couple. My best advice would be to make a list of everything that needs to be done and work from there.

About your special day… 

When and where was your wedding? 

We got married in Durban as we are both originally from there and all our family and friends live in Durban. We decided to have a winter wedding (25 June 2017) because Durban has the perfect winter weather. Our wedding took place at Kharwastan Temple Hall and we had 490 people that attended our wedding.

Did you have a specific theme/ambiance? 

We did not have a specific theme but our wedding colours were turquoise, white and gold. We went for a traditional setting, but I also wanted a few added extras that showed our personalities, i.e. my wedding cake. I also had a postbox made for cards and gift cards.

Tell us about any special details, ceremonies or moments.

My wedding day felt like a fairy tale. Everything happened so fast, I wish I could go back and experience it again every day. The priest that married us was amazing and so funny. That was exactly what we wanted.

Looking back, is there anything you would’ve changed or done differently?

No, everything was perfect.

How did your groom react when he saw you for the first time in your wedding dress/attire? Did he tear up a little?

Suren: She looked stunning. I thought how lucky I was to find such a beautiful woman to be my wife. The best part was seeing her so relaxed and loving throughout the day.

Do you have any tips, words of wisdom, tricks or hacks to share with brides-to-be? 

Do not sweat the small stuff! It’s YOUR day and don’t let anyone steal your thunder. Make it memorable.

Details Of Suppliers

  • Venue: Kharwastan Temple Hall
  • Gown/dress/attire: Saree bought in Dubai
  • His suit: From Raja Rani’s in Midrand
  • Decor: Done by the venue
  • Catering: Done by the venue
  • Cake: Tania’s Cakes
  • Flowers: Done by the venue
  • Entertainment: Acoustic Vibes
  • Photographer/Videographer: Enzo Photography
  • Make-up/hair: Mark and Clint
  • Transport/accommodation: The View Boutique Hotel

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