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Cecil John Rhodes built the Rand Club shortly after the discovery of gold in Johannesburg and since then the club has undergone very few renovations. The building today is 22 storeys high and is decorated in a proudly South AFrican yet slightly quirky manner. Perhaps one of the most spectacular things about the Rand Club is that the building as it stands today in Braamfontein, looks as it did in 1904. Therefore visitors can experience a slice of Johannesburg's history as it was over a hundred years ago.

The Rand Club is now open to visitors (non-members) as long as a tour is pre-arranged with the management. It is also available for private functions and events. To find out more, click here.

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  1. I have been to the club on a number of occasions as a guest. If you are looking for an "old school tie" experience matched with culinary and service excellence you will be hard pressed to find a better example. Simply put, it will exceed any expectations that you may hold for it.

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