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Quick Beauty Fixes Every Girl Needs In Their Bag

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Here are some quick fixes you need to have in your bag, for those times you need a bit of sprucing up.

Good Lipstick And Mascara

M.A.C Cosmetics

M.A.C Cosmetics is one of the most loved brands of make-up in Joburg. The brand and its boutiques have mastered the art of make-up. Not only have they influenced fashion, they have also created trends.

At the M.A.C boutiques, you can buy the perfect lip products to suit any mood. And we all know that lipstick is a necessity. M.A.C also provides long lasting mascara to add all the volume you need when you're tired and worn out.

Our top pick: Up For Everything Lash Mascara and the Patent Paint Lip Lacquer.

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MAC Cosmetics Africa

Hand Cream

The Body Shop

The Body Shop is a favourite for many because of their great skin products. This is a great place to find some nourishing cream for your hands.

You can find The Body Shop stores almost anywhere, so there really is no excuse not to stop by.

Our top pick: The Shea Butter Range.

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The Body Shop

Nail Polish 


Nail polish is a must-have for the ladies. Chipped nail polish is a no-no, so it's a good idea to keep a bottle of your favourite lacquer in your purse. Dis-chem has a wide range of quality nail polish in all the colours of the rainbow.

Pro Tip: Choose a colour that blends well with multiple colours, such as darker shades.

Our top pick: Catrice And Essence.

nail polish

Are you a make-up fundi? Then check out these beauty resolutions.

What are your quick beauty fixes? Let is know in the comments section below!


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