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An Untold Tale Told By Cute Puppeteers For Your Kids

An Untold Tale Told By Cute Puppeteers For Your Kids

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Kids and some big babies love stories and what better to tell an untold tail than a puppeteer. Bring the theatre home or just simply know where to go...

Once upon a time in a world filled with imagination. Puppets with the softest of hearts could tell magical stories that made every child smile.

These were the tales that were told at the palm of someone's hand, literally. If there's one thing that can steal your child's heart and capture their attention, it has to be a good puppet show.

I for one have always had the interest to be a puppeteer for children, because I could take them to a different world where they would feel like they could eat clouds, popping candy and drink jelly, maybe even talk to fairies.

So I have taken the courtesy of sharing these amazing artists/companies that can make your child's next birthday, probably the coolest birthday in toddler land. Even for big babies like me.

One thing I love about puppet shows is the wit, the comedy as well as the educational perspective that comes with telling these amazing stories.

Whose Your Puppet...That Is The Question

Well! I am not going to pretend like there is an overflow of options waiting for you, but I have picked out the best two options that offer something unique to its own show type of thing.


Puppets & More

Puppets & More comprises of one lady who has been a ventriloquist for well over 20 years, you might actually be familiar with her, Ann.

This lady can become anyone and anything, having mastered the art of voices and accents ensuring that the amazing tales that land in your ears sound as cool as the fun characters that she breathes life into. Puppets & More has countless puppets so you can expect a tough time choosing your next show.

She offers her services to a wide variety including birthdays, schools, etc,. Her shows include seasonal shows, animal shows, shows about the world and more. These are very educational shows that really equip children with life skills and team work.


Get ready for a super awesome tale by the cool experts from Puppetales.

Puppetales has educational shows, religion and paper theatre show, talk about something unique. All this, also courtesy of one lady, Machteld - originally born in the Netherlands, she has been p-art of many productions including working with the famous State Theatre.

With over 20 shows to choose from, you will not know where to begin, tales that go back to traditional games and tales like 'I spy with my little eye', my favourite, 'stranger danger' and many many more.

Why You Need A Tale Attached?

Well! Not only are puppet shows amazing, although they may different, they serve a huge purpose, that being:

  • Teaching children about numbers & alphabets
  • General life skills
  • Teamwork
  • Hygiene & etiquette
  • Safety
  • and most; to have loads of Fun!

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