White Wash Into A Game With These Pool & Snooker Places

Pool has become a sport for many, a culture to be exact. See the hottest Pool & Snooker Places in Johannesburg to start your next challenge.

Joburg is a place where everybody loves doing their own thing, and it makes absolute sense because there is so much diversity and so much to do. Where sports is concerned, there are many who love participating in sports and some, not so much the traditional stuff. This brings us to the alternative sport of Pool and Snooker. Pool and Snooker is no longer just a hobby or interest but has become a sport and culture in the city.

It's Nothing New But The Culture Is...

Many who might not know the term pool because they associate it to a swimming pool would know this game as Snooker. Potato, sweet potato - same difference. Okay, maybe sometimes the white ball is smaller with snooker.

In the good old days, going to the pub, bar, tavern somehow ended up with a good game of pool. The misconception of this game the past few years was that it is a game that people who drink alcohol play. Of course! They do but the Pool and Snooker virus has spread out to more than just the "beer drinker"

Where The Change Comes In

These days, the culture of pool has changed drastically, with many Pool and Snooker places in Joburg popping up and rumours of tournaments, how can it go unnoticed.

People are taking it more seriously and are entering tournaments, the culture is really growing but that does not mean you must lose some of the fun challenges on the spot. Those still do exist and are quite fun, so grab a few friends to go an enjoy a game of pool.

Let's take a look at a few cool spots in Joburg, where you can go and enjoy a good game of pool, maybe even challenge someone.

Pool & Sneakers Johannesburg


If you are a regular pool player and you don't know this place, then you're not really there yet. Ballbreakers is probably one of the most well-known pool spots in Jozi.

They are one of the places that are specifically for playing pool and having a round drinks, and has branched out to many places around Joburg. Bringing many to their awesome spot in Fourways, Sunninghill, Cresta, Weltevreden and South side, Mondeor.

So why not make it your regular spot.

Pool & Sneakers Johannesburg

Wanderers Snooker Club Johannesburg

If you are into the serious stuff and tournaments, the Wanderers Snooker Club is where you are to start.

They are open to non-members and of course members, to come and enjoy the amazing facility. So, if you know someone who is a member then you are in luck to test out the facilities - members can at least bring a non-member once to enjoy a game a snooker.

We hope this is a useful kick start to your avenues to the Pool & Snooker life guys.

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