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Plascon Designer Walls

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During November Plascon will be introducing 2 new products to the interior Suede and interior/exterior Canvas “Designer Walls” range: Metallic and Pearl.

“Designer Walls” is a range of waterbased products that offer different faux finishes, enabling consumers to give depth, dimension and texture to their walls. This range of products offers an exciting alternative to flat paint or wallpaper for interior decorating or renovating.

Suede - Plascon Suede is a premium waterbased textured interior wall paint designed to look like brushed suede. The faux suede effect is enhanced by PLASCON SUEDE’s ability to absorb and reflect light, providing a sense of depth and richness that cannot be achieved by conventional faux finishes.
     • Available in 8 standard colours and tint base.
     • 16 tintable colours.
     • Available in 1L & 5L packs.

Canvas - Plascon Canvas is a premium waterbased interior and exterior wall coating designed to create a velvety, brushed look resembling suede. It creates illusion of natural suede.
     • Available in 5 standard colours and tint base.
     • 9 tintable colours.
     • Available in 5L packs.

Metallic - Plascon Metallic is a premium waterbased interior coating with a metallic lustre finish that changes with the angle of view. It adds depth and dimensions to your walls.
     • Available in 3 standard colours - Silver, Copper        and Gold.
     • 8 tintable colours.
     • Available in 1L & 5L packs.

Pearl - Plascon Pearl is a premium waterbased coating with a finish that captures the essence of natural pearl. The paint is designed to change colour when viewing it from different angles, depending on the choice of wall colour.
     • Available in 3 standard colours- Gold, Turquoise        and White.
     • Available in 1L & 5L packs.

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