Planning the Honeymoon

Don’t let caterers, table arrangements and fights with the flower girl get in  between you and planning your ultimate honeymoon getaway. Start planning months in advance with our nifty little guide…


Budget is Everything

Weddings are expensive things, and now you need to fork out a bunch of money for a mini holiday. This is why planning the honeymoon in advance is a good idea. Determining your budget will determine where you will be going, how you will be getting there and where you will be staying. Nobody wants to spend their honeymoon in a caravan park filled with brandy buzzing fishermen.

Where To

Not everyone can afford to spend their first week of marriage in Paris or on some island. Sure, if you can do that then go for it. Just keep in mind that South Africa has some of the most amazing little spots to get lost in. When you have decided on a place make sure to research it. How long would it take to get to and from the airport, how’s the public transport, is there a war going on in the region? These are all things you need to factor in.


Wherever you are going you will need a place to stay. When travelling to a place you’ve never been before make sure to check the place out first. In the age of the internet we have the ability to know if a hotel’s restaurant lives up to the standards set on their website. Check out Trip Advisor and other sites for peer reviews of hotels, hostels, chalets, backpackers and so on and so forth.


Book plane or train tickets in advance – take advantage of lower prices by doing so – or skip all this and get a travel agent to do everything for you. If not, consider renting a car to get around. Logistics can turn a holiday into a nightmare very quickly, especially if your flight is in an hour and you’re still at the beach trying to catch a cab back to the hotel.

Renew Passports and Visas

Make sure your passport is good to go for another six months after your travels – customs agents can be quite sticky about passports that will expire soon. There’s nothing quite as scary as being stuck in a foreign country with an expired passport.


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