Put Fitness In Your Day-To-Day With Planet Fitness

Get your fitness on with Planet Fitness Mega Club in Wanderers, where all motivation begins. Let’s get fit, Johannesburg.

Planet Fitness Wanderers

Over the past few years, Johannesburg has become very health-conscious. One way to add a bit of energy and health in your world is by joining Planet Fitness Wanderers.

Fitness Bunny

It can be quite daunting to start a new fitness challenge by yourself. But joining this mega club will get you motivated to keep going and focus on the goal at hand.

Planet Fitness Wanderers is an innovative environment, helping you become your own fitness bunny.

Planet Fitness Wanderers

What Planet Fitness Wanderers Is About

Like any Planet Fitness, they offer the best equipment in the country. But this particular Planet Fitness offers some unique touches to your package.

Let’s explore the little motivations that will get you closer to your body goals.

Planet Fitness Wanderers


This one is for the ladies.

Ladies get to enjoy a secluded area that offers the best Italian equipment. With the support of your fellow ladies and all that girl power, you’ll reach those fitness goals in no time.

Planet Kids

This facility offers an entertainment area for kids with caring childminders keeping watch. Moms and dads can enjoy a workout session knowing that the kids are well taken care of.

This great perk is perfect for working parents wanting to stay in tip-top shape.

Planet Fitness Wanderers

Running Track

Ditch the treadmill and catch your run on the running track. The 220m track is the perfect way to get all of your cardio in.

Heated Pool

For an alternative cardio boost, take a splash in the giant swimming pool. The heated pool makes for great exercise during any season.


Stay in the loop or enjoy the trending jams during your workout with the gym’s WiFi.

Planet Fitness Wanderers

It’s Personal

The gym has personal trainers who will assist you with exclusive sessions to help you reach all your goals.

Visit the gym to see the awesome things that Planet Fitness Mega Club has to offer.

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