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Pizza Spots In Joburg Worth Being On Your List

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It's time to tickle those taste buds and add these pizza spots to your next food hop. It will be a slice worth every bite. Pizza Spots In Joburg

From the way pizza is made to the way it's baked and the combination of ingredients, pizza is different everywhere you go. As real pizza lovers, we are always on the look out for the best pizza spots in Joburg.

Time To Pizza Hop

We are going to explore some of the best pizza spots for your next pizza hop. If you love pizza, you probably do not want to settle for anything less than a good old-fashioned Italian pizza.

We all know a good pizza has the distinct taste and flavour of a fire oven. But a good base and tomato sauce can take you a long way.

Let's explore a bit of Johannesburg and find the best pizza around, where you can have a good slice or two (or maybe eight).

Pizza Spots In Joburg

Piza ē Vino

For delicious and authentic Italian pizza, head to Piza ē Vino.

They have perfected the art of pizza bases, which are topped with fresh ingredients. Their menu is loaded with creative choices and a wide offering, which includes vegetarian options.

They bring the true Italian flavour to reality. If you visit any of their restaurants, you will not be disappointed.

Our favourite: the James Brown.

Pizza Spots In Joburg


Panarottis is a classic favourite for most Joburg residents. This is because of their welcoming attitude and yummy pizzas.

Their ingredient selection and combinations are the best. They have a wide offering from vegetarian and classic pizza to gourmet pizza. You also have the options to go for their 'half and half' and choose two different pizzas.

Panarottis is family-friendly and have an entertainment area for the children, so bring along the entire family.

Pizza Spots In Joburg


For fine and fresh ingredients, try Col'Cacchio.

Their mouthwatering pizza comes from a generous menu that comprises options for every diet. This includes vegan, vegetarian and carb-conscious options.

Col'Cacchio prides themselves in taking you on a food journey that you will not forget.

Licking Our Fingers

Now is the time to indulge in all the delicious pizza that awaits us. Grab some friends and head out on that pizza hop.

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