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PAUL Bakery Adds French Flair To Linksfield

PAUL Bakery Adds French Flair To Linksfield

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PAUL is our absolute favourite French eatery in the city. So, we were delighted to learn that they've opened a new outlet at the Neighbourhood Square Shopping Centre in Linksfield. They've got all their classic pastries and yummy eats on offer, plus a whole lot of French flair. Stop by as soon as you can to sample the best French hot chocolate and Croque Monsieur in Joburg. 

PAUL Patisserie has been delighting diners with fabulous French pastries and café staples since 1889. They are renowned in Joburg for being the number one spot to indulge in classic French tartlets. toasted sandwiches, and double thick hot chocolate. PAUL recently opened their fifth outlet in the city at the Neighbourhood Square Shopping Centre in Linksfield. We stopped by to see what all they've got in store. Needless to say, we were delighted with what we found.

Elegance abounds

PAUL Bakery is well known for its air of sophistication and elegance. Their Linksfield outlet is no different. You will be welcomed from the spacious parking area into a world of French flair. The dining area flows from the outdoor terrace into a comfortable but classy inside space. The seating is super cosy and ideal for long lunches or romantic date night expeditions. PAUL's famous cake display is also situated near the door, so you can take a sneak peak at all the perfectly piped pastries and petit fours before taking a seat.

As is customary at PAUL's establishments, the service here is superb. You'll be served with a smile and offered all the time you need to browse through the impressive menu. Trust us when we tell you that you will need all the time you can get to make your final decision. From their croissants to their Croque-madame, PAUL's cuisine is absolutely mouthwatering. So, take all the time you need to choose your meal. It will be one to remember, that's a guarantee.


Breakfast Delights

PAUL offers breakfast, lunch and dinner options. We visited them for a late breakfast to sample their much-praised eggs Benedict. Two poached eggs served atop toasted brioche buns with gloriously smooth hollandaise sauce was what we were promised. We added a smoked salmon trout for extra deliciousness and awaited our brekkie with fervent anticipation.

While we waited, we sipped on a delightfully decadent Café Marocchino - an espresso shot with PAUL hot chocolate, frothed milk and cocoa powder. PAUL now offers an almond milk alternative (for the lactose sensitive and vegan foodies among us). The nutty milk blended excellently with the strong coffee and rich chocolate. We had to pace ourselves to make sure we would have enough room for the breakfast, which thankfully arrived in good time. There was very little self control after this point as we dove right into our breakfasts. The highlight of the meal was the hollandaise sauce - creamy, savoury, and absolutely moreish!

The meal was completely satisfying, but we couldn't leave PAUL without ordering a few of their yummy tartlets to go. We'd love to say that we made it all the way home without taking a bite into the chocolate tart, but that would be a lie. It was the perfect way to end off a lovely breakfast at PAUL. We will absolutely be back to visit soon.

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Details: The Neighbourhood Square, Club Street, Linksfield | (Tel) 087 351 6097 | [email protected]


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