Pantry by Marble Comes to Bedfordview


The culinary scene in Johannesburg is about to get a delicious upgrade as Pantry by Marble, an innovative hybrid concept, gears up to open its second location in Bedfordview. This expansion comes on the heels of the resounding success of its inaugural store in Rosebank. The brand is known for its unique blend of convenience, quality meals, and exceptional service, Pantry by Marble has quickly become a beloved destination for food enthusiasts across the city.

A Culinary Haven: The Pantry Experience

At the heart of Pantry by Marble lies a commitment to providing a one-stop-shop experience for all things food-related. Whether you’re in need of specialty groceries, fresh produce, ready-to-go meals, or indulgent baked treats, Pantry by Marble has you covered. Its curated selection of high-quality ingredients and artisanal products ensures that every visit is a culinary adventure.

Signature Offerings: Familiar Favourites Await

Pantry Bedfordview will proudly offer many of the beloved favourites that have made its Rosebank counterpart a local hotspot. From the nostalgic soft-serve ice cream bar to the iconic Donut Wednesdays, patrons can expect the same delightful experiences that have become synonymous with the Pantry by Marble brand. Additionally, the new location will showcase a range of gourmet pantry staples, artisanal cheese, handcrafted pastries, and of course, fresh produce sourced from trusted suppliers.

Elevated Dining: Restaurant-Quality Takeaway and Sit-Down Meals

In a bid to cater to the diverse tastes of its clientele, Pantry Bedfordview will introduce an exciting array of restaurant-quality takeaway and sit-down meals. From hearty sandwiches and crisp salads to indulgent pizzas and succulent burgers, there’s something to tantalise every palate. Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite on the go or settling in for a leisurely meal, Pantry by Marble promises a dining experience that is both satisfying and memorable.

A Recipe for Success: Expanding Across the Country

Buoyed by the overwhelming support from Johannesburg locals and visitors alike, The Marble Group is poised to take its Pantry concept nationwide. Plans are already in motion to introduce similar stores in Pretoria, Cape Town, and additional locations within Johannesburg. This expansion speaks to the enduring popularity of the Pantry by Marble brand and its unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in every culinary endeavour. Keep an eye on their social media for the Bedfordview store address and opening date.

For More Information

Visit Pantry on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with their latest news, store openings, menu updates and more.

You can also contact them by calling 010 594 5404, or by emailing

As Pantry by Marble prepares to make its mark in Bedfordview, the anticipation among food enthusiasts is palpable. With its unique blend of convenience, quality, and innovation, Pantry by Marble promises to elevate the culinary landscape of Johannesburg and beyond. Whether you’re stocking up on gourmet essentials, indulging in decadent treats, or savouring a delicious meal, Pantry by Marble invites you to embark on a culinary journey like no other.

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