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Pamper Yourself With Beauty Therapy At Africology

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Spoil yourself every once in a while! What better way to do that than treat yourself to one of the best spa's in the country, Africology!

We live in a city where it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, everyone is just working towards something or on themselves at the least and sometimes you just want to go on an extended (excuse me, a years' leave) trip to a far away destination. However, a quick reboot never hurt nobody and Africology Skincare & Spa has just the thing.

Pampering yourself can be the closest thing to recouping and getting you fresh and ready to take over the world. A good full body massage treatment can go a long way. Africology will leave you spoiled for choice, and to add onto that - they have skincare products to help you maintain your skin.


A Bit About Africology

Africology has become a spa that people notice without even having seen it's name - they have a very distinct uniformed decor and aroma that you can't help but be drawn in by.

This is work of Renchia, comes from a very deep story of her working in some of the country's most neglected areas and her being the metaphysical therapist that she is, she thought of utilising her message and aroma therapy skills to create what is now one of the best spa's in SA. Not only Mzansi has this privilege, but the United Kingdom has also received the blessing of an Africology Spa.

This amazing pamper spot has about 3 spa's situated around the north of Joburg. The Maslow Hotel, their biggest spa is at the heart of renowned hotel in Sandton.


Treatments That Beautify 

When you feel like you've been hit by a truck, this is the best spa to go and find your skin, perhaps even a bit of your sanity from all the stresses of daily life. Africology's treatments are absolutely divine past average measure - they are great. With treatments ranging from facials, full body, neck and head message, mani's, pedi's and much more depending on the branch you choose to visit.

The Africology at the Maslow on the other hand deserves to be blessed with your presence for a full day, it is massive, boasting with a sonar, Jacuzzi and you can even go up to their rooftop and enjoy sundowners.


Giving Your Skin Love...

As the seasons change, it can be quite difficult to ensure that your skin does not become victim to the change plus many products are not conscious to the African climate which is where Africology comes in. They specialise in products for the body, hands and feet, aromatherapy as well as some added extras with their lifestyle section.

The most prominent has been their skin range, if you are uncertain - you can ask one of their friendly staff to guide you through their serums, toners, cleansers, exfoliators, moisturisers and more.

With that said Joburg, let's go out and pamper! (Wow! that was cheesy but I had to).

That's it from me...enjoy!

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