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Outdoor Adventuring at Huddle Park

Outdoor Adventuring at Huddle Park

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If you've been searching for a one-stop sports and adventure park, look no further than Huddle Park Golf & Recreation. They've got a ton of outdoor activities for all ages to enjoy, so head on over as soon as you can. Oh, and bring your four-legged friends along as well! 

Joburg might be a concrete jungle, but you needn't travel far to find a little outdoor adventure. Huddle Park Golf & Recreation is situated in Linksfield, one of our favourite family-friendly suburbs in the city. Bring the whole brood along for a fun day out in the sun at Huddle Park. It's so much more than just a golf course. There are ample outdoor adventuring activities for all ages here. Socialised dogs on leads are welcome to explore the walking trails, too. Pack up the family, Fido included, and head on over to the park for fun times in the great outdoors. Here are just some of the activities available at the centre:


Huddle Park is first and foremost a prestigious golf course. The picturesque surroundings and meticulously groomed greens offer any golfer the perfect setting to achieve their very best scores. There are two courses to choose from - the 9-hole Mashie course for a quick golf fix or the championship 18-hole Blue Course. These courses are incredibly popular and members take first precedence, so make sure to book yourself a slot if you would like to try your hand at golfing here. Once you've got into the swing of things you can sign up for membership and become a Huddle Park Golf regular. Click here for more information.

Nature Trails

Get out into nature by visiting Huddle Park's walking and mountain bike trails. These paths have been designed to intersect at various points, so be prepared to come across cyclists or dog walkers on your adventures and visa versa. Take a leisurely 1.6km walk or a more brisk 5km run through the park's serene trails. The mountain bike paths range from a casual 4km to a calf muscle busting 20km ride. Make sure to strap your helmet on tight and keep an eye out for pedestrians!

Huddle Park offers day passes and membership to the walking and biking trails. Entrance costs R50 per adult for a day pass or a yearly membership fee of R3000 per year. Golf members get 50% discount on their nature trails memberships, so make friends with a golfer or get yourself a dual golf and trails membership. It's well worth the cost for the pristine beauty and safety of the Huddle Park nature trails.

Sports & Recreation

Huddle Park boasts some of Joburg's best sporting facilities. Join a Fives Futbol team or feel the burn with Fireball Fitness. They've also got CrossFit, Paddle and Krav Maga facilities on-site to keep you in tip-top shape. The kiddies can learn horseback riding and show skills at Club Street Equestrian or discover the wonders of nature with NaturEd, an educational extra mural activity for pre-school and primary school age children. The park's lush trails offer little ones ample space to explore and expand their knowledge. Take things one step further by bringing the kids to Acrobranch at Huddle Park. This outdoor activity park will unleash their competitive spirits and engage their sense of adventure. Adults can also take a swing across the obstacles, challenging themselves to new and increasingly difficult activities as they progress through the course.

You can find more information about Huddle Park's sporting and recreation activities on their website.

For More Information

Details: Club Street, Closest corner Shelley Avenue, Linksfield, Johannesburg | Tel: (011) 640 6693| E-mail: [email protected]


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