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Ocean Basket Summer Menu 2020 Is Here

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Ocean Basket invited us to explore their new summer 2020 menu at the newly renovated Ferndale On Republic. What an experience! Here's what to expect from the new menu. 

As summer starts to pick up the pace and the African sun turns up the heat, we tend to give heavier meals like pizza and pasta a skip and go for something a bit more... chilled. With that in mind, South Africa's favourite white-wine-and-seafood hangout, Ocean Basket has introduced its new menu - don't worry all the fan-favourites are still there, like the classic hake and chips with that incredible butter sauce too! To explore the new Ocean Basket summer menu, we ventured to the newly developed Ferndale On Republic (that'd be the old Brightwater Commons compound in Randburg, of course).

Let's Get Started With The Ocean Basket Summer Menu

Something we've picked up in recent years, especially when it comes to Mediterranean style dining (which Ocean Basket has made popular in South Africa), is that the humble chickpea has become a summertime go-to... and we're loving it. The falafel and avo starter is a must and acts as the perfect way to begin your dining journey. Worth mentioning is the sushi platters - out of this world and not badly priced at all!

Ocean Basket Summer Menu

A Sticky Affair

Let's jump head-first into the summer menu's drawcard - the sticky rice dishes. Ocean Basket is known for its well-prepared and incredibly delicious sushi (if you haven't tried it yet then we implore you to do so). They've taken their already-famous sushi rice and mixed it with fresh tomato and cucumber as the base for their new sticky rice dishes. These items come with three different toppings: hake, mussel and prawns, and veggies. These dishes were launched alongside National Rice Month in September and has since grown in popularity. We implore that you give them a go the next time you visit Ocean Basket.

Ocean Basket Summer Menu

Salad Days

Sticking to the summer trend, the restaurant has introduced a string of new salads that are not only healthy to the max but surprisingly filling to boot. We highly suggest the crispy falafel salad complemented with creamy versatile avocado offers an explosion of flavours and texture. Another new entry includes the Greek salmon salad with avocado and feta is irresistible; this beautiful red-orange fish with its high levels of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids is the perfect Summer salad. Lastly, the Greek whole calamari salad with feta and olives is an excellent source of nutrients and its mild flavour and firm texture make it a great accompaniment to a main meal.

Safety Protocols 

Worried about your safety? Ocean Basket has been instrumental in providing the restaurant industry with a free operations protocol based on global best practice and guided by the WHO: all of our restaurants have very successfully introduced international best practices with protocols that enforce social distancing, the wearing of PPEs, twice-daily temperature checks and customer registers.

These protocols are available to view on the Restaurant Collective's website.

What do you think of the Ocean Basket Summer Menu? Let us know in the comments below!

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