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Feel Great Naturally

Natural substances in various forms can be used with great effect to combat a wide range of physical and mental problems. A growing number of people with health problems are beginning to look into the benefits offered by alternative medicine as a means of treatment.

Cancer patients, specifically women suffering from breast cancer, are having to make very difficult treatment decisions since the dangers of Tamoxifen started appearing in the media and on the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) web site.

Tamoxifen is a breast cancer drug that has been used widely for two decades, but researchers have now discovered a real risk of uterine sarcoma – a rare form of uterine cancer that is usually very aggressive and difficult to treat.

For so many years, women have been trusting their doctors decisions with regards to their health, but times are changing and more and more women are making educated decisions themselves and in doing so turning to more natural remedies.

Our bodies are comprised from millions of cells which group together to form the various tissues and organs. Normally, cells grow and divide in an orderly, regulated way and often they have a limited life span. However, cancer cells are different.

Somehow they become released from this usual control and keep on dividing and multiplying unregulated by their environment. Instead of dying they keep growing, eventually forming a mass of unwanted tissue called a tumour.

By the time it is big enough to be seen on a scan or felt as a lump, there are already millions of cells present in the tumour. As well as growing in the tumour, some of the cancer cells may break away and spread further afield.

Fifty-two year old Anne Neill was diagnosed with cancer in 2003, and after undergoing a lumpectomy and radiation treatment she was advised by her doctor to begin a course of Tamoxifen. After much consideration and research, Neil decided against it and started taking a daily immune boosting supplement called Sterolandia 50.

“I decided against Tamoxifen because I had seen my mother who suffered from five various forms of cancer, including breast cancer, and how she had suffered for so many years from the side effects of Tamoxifen,” she says.

“I was approached by my aunt who suggested that I should consult with her homeopath. At this stage I was ready to try anything, and so I started taking Sterolandia 50,” she says. “Within a few days I started feeling remarkably better. My hair and skin had improved, I had much more energy and my stress levels were down.”

Since then Neill has been taking Sterolandia 50 twice daily and is in remission to the amazement of her doctors.

Sterolandia 50 is a 100% food supplement, containing the totally organic micronutrients properties of fresh wheat, barley, fenugraak, lupln, sunflower and soya products, as well as the therapeutic properties of the herb Sutherlandia Microphylla.

Sutherlandia Microphylla, otherwise known as the “cancer bush”, is an indigenous plant found mainly in the Karoo that has been used for centuries by many African cultures as a tonic to restore the wasted bodies of cancer patients. Research has shown that Sutherlandia also has stress-relieving and anti-oxidant properties than can help patients with depression, sleeplessness and most importantly as an immune booster.

Sutherlandia has been tested by the Medical Research Council and cleared from any danger of toxicity.

According to general manager of Sterolendia 50 colin Sass, a lot of problems we have arises due to our poor diet limiting our bodies ability to absorb and utilise essential vitamins and minerals.

The lifestyle of many has changed dramatically in the last 30 years – It’s become faster, more stressful and unhealthy. The food we eat is most often processed ready-to-eat or microwave warm-ups.

“This modern trend has dramatically reduced the nutrition content in our food, and very few people are eating fresh fruit and vegetables," says Sass. “And even if we do take vitamin supplements daily, the bloavailability of these chemical extracts are extremely low which result in the gut lining absorbing very little vitamins.”

According to Sass, Sterolandia 50 has helped Neil in her fight against cancer by providing the body with essential high quality organic micronutrients. He says her body has shifted from being in a catabolic to and anabolic state and she now has the necessary nutrients to boost her immune system.

Sass says pilot studies which HIV patients with a CD4 count of 250 who have taken Starolandia 50 twice daily have experienced significant improvement in their health, weight and their CD blood count had risen as well as reduced their viral loads. This is no means a cure for diseases such as cancer or HIV/Aids, but it is a completely natural supplement in the fight to stay healthy.

For more information about Sterolandia 50 log onto the Nutricare website (link alongside) or click on the contact link alongside.

The Food We Eat

The rapid rise in the population during the 20th century as well as the increasing organisation of our society has led to a complete change in the ways we eat. Gone are the good old days when it was possible to obtain fresh produce. Today we rely on food that is refined, or held in storage for protracted periods.

This modern trend has had the effect of dramatically reducing the nutritional content of our food. This is especially evident in the case of micronutrients – the enzymes, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients that are essential to our daily well-being. With the exception of some minerals, all of these micronutrients are negatively effected by changes in temperature and storage conditions, resulting in a rapid loss of the nutritional value of food if it is not fresh.

It is now well known that the processing or refining of foods can result in the almost complete devastation of the micronutrient content of those foods. To demonstrate just how important these micronutrients are – if we say that proteins, carbohydrates and fats and oils are the macronutrients, and the building blocks upon which our health depends, then the micronutrients (the enzymes, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients) are the cement that holds these building blocks in place.

Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins, as found in nature, are groups of chemically related compounds. Science identifies part of this compound as the organic nutrient. In the case if Vitamin C the organic nutrient is ascorbic acid. These are the parts that science feels are the workhorses and thus the essence of the vitamin. The conclusion then is if these can be reproduces and supplied to the patient, all that is needed has been provided.

The problem is that this thinking does not take into consideration all of the enzymes, co-enzymes, trace elements, activators and numerous other naturally occurring synergistic micronutirients by which the organicnutrient is rendered usable by the body.

Types of Food Supplements

There are 3 types of supplements which are briefly described below:

1. Food Supplements

As the name implies these supplements are taken directly from a food source. The word natural truly applies, as these are vitamins, co-factors, enzymes and other synergistic micronutrients taken from a raw food. The only thing removed from the food is moisture and fibre - nothing is added or extracted that can destroy or change the molecular, biological or biochemical combinations or actions.

2. Fractionated vitamins (crystalline)

This type of product has a food as its original source (and is therefore not considered synthetic vitamin) but the extraction process has eliminated all of the synergistic co-factors, leaving only the pure organic nutrient. The motivation behind this is to concentrate the organic nutrient and thus increase the milligram levels for marketing purposes. These types of vitamin are also referred to as crystalline in that they are but a portion of the complete and original complex form which they are derived. The problem with this type of vitamin is that they are nly of value to the body if all the associated synergistic micronutrients are intact, which make it bio-available to the cells of the body.

3. Synthetic vitamins (not a food supplement)

Here the organic nutrient (sometimes called the crystalline vitamin molecule) is constructed or synthesized primarily from corn sugar and non-food compounds such as a coal tar. While the exact molecular formula of the organic nutrient is replicated there are at least 2 problems with this type of vitamin:

A. These synthetic products contain absolutely non of the co-factors, trace elements, enzymes etc. that are vital for the body to effectively utilize the vitamin. Without the necessary micronutrients required to make the vitamin bio-available, these synthetic vitamins will be of no value to the body. You may be thinking that the body is capable of supplementing these nutrients from its own reserves but the body is already deficient – where would it obtain these synergists? Even if it could, there is a second concern.

B. When these vitamins are synthesized under laboratory conditions, the vitamin is actually a mirror image of its natural counterpart and this therefore leaves the synthetic vitamin having a problem with spin. In other words the natural molecules have a right hand spin whereas the synthetic vitamin has a left hand spin. Unfortunately, for some reason the proper rotation cannot be mastered in the laboratory. This is significant in that the attachment sites for the synergistic micronutrients are not available. Gilbert Levin, Ph.D. has the following to say on the subject: “Because its structure is reversed, a left-handed molecule cannot take part in chemical reactions meant for a right-handed molecule any more than a left hand can fit into a right-handed glove. It’s odd geometry would prevent it from being metabolized by the body”.

Key Factors in Micronutrient Supplements

A key factor to keep in mind when it comes to vitamin supplementation is that of bio-availability i.e. how available and usable is the vitamin to the body. Consuming fractionated vitamins or synthetic vitamins where the co-factors are not present or the spin is incorrect is paramount to handling someone a steering wheel of a car and telling them they are now the owner of a car able to transport them to wherever they want to go.


Nutricare is a blend of fresh wheat, barley, fenugreek, lupin, sunflower and soya sprouts (the freshest and most nutritious of all plant forms available to the human die). By a complex and highly specialized process the sprouts are reduced to a powder without losing any of their micronutrient properties. As such Nutricare conforms to all the requirements as laid down under natural food supplements above. 6000mg of Nutricare powder is equivalent to 40 grams of fresh sprouts. An assay completed by the CSIR dated 1/10/03 confirms the availability of the host of the natural organic micronutrients.

Sutherlandia Microphylla

Sutherlandia is regarded as on eof the most profound medical plants of Southern Afric with a lengthy history of usage by all cultures in the region. Common fold uses include: Anxiety and Depression; Arthritis: Hypertension, Diabetes along with a host of other ailments. Recent experience has also regularly confirmed the, at times, startling efficacy in HIV/Aids.

Four known compounds have been identified in Sutherlandia that contribute to the effectiveness of this medicinal plant.

1. L-Cananavine – has well documented studies confirming its anti-cancer, anti-viral and anti-microbial activity. It has recently been patented in the United States of America.

2. Pinitol – a patented compound for its anti-diabetic properties as well as combating wasting in cancer, HIV/Aids and other chronic illnesses.

3. GABA – a well known inhibitory neurotransmitter used in the management of anxiety and depression.

4. Su-1 Glycosides -0 natural anti-viral compounds.

Uses for Sterolandia 50 Capsules

As a nutritional supplement Sterolandia 50 has been formulated to benefit persons suffering from a host of chronic ailments. These benefits are targeted at thee main areas:

1. Nutritional

To provide high quality organic and therefore bio-available and complete mico-mutrition from the powdered sprouts and thereby ensuring that any diet irrespective of quality or quantity will have the essential micronutrients necessary for optimum absorption and utilisation.

2. Clinical

Immune stimulating/boosting/normalizing properties because of the high sterol/sterolin content from the organic micronutrients helping to shift the body from a catabolic (wasting) to an anabolic (building) stage due to the unique natural compounds found in the herb Sutherlandia Microphylia. A natural anti-viral and anti-microbial action to help the body combat the underlying physical condition. Indeed in a pilot study conducted with eight (8) HIV+ individuals using Sterolandia 50 capsules only, at a dosage of 1 capsule morning and evening, reduced the combined viral loads of the patients by over 85% as well as increasing WBC count by 3%.

3. Emotional

Any person who is suffering from a chronic, debilitating and potentially life threatening disease will almost certainly have a problem with depression. When the stresses and strains of modern life are added it is clear that close attention should be given to this aspect of holistic treatment. In many instances the management of a negative mental attitude can be almost as important as the management of the physical manifestations of the ailment. Sterolandia 50 capsules can help:

- The GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) content in Sutherlandia is an important mediator of serotonin levels in the brain thereby helping to act as a mood stabilizer.

- Ensures proper nutrition thereby raising energy levels.

- Improving sleep patterns.


Sterolandia 50 capsules are an absolutely unique food supplement containing the nutritional properties of totally organic micronutrients with the therapeutic properties of the herb sutherlandia Microphylla. The formula is completely natural and organic and has no foreign chemical content whatsoever.

Actual usage and experience has confirmed the effectiveness of Sterolandia 50 as a nutritional supplement in a host of chronic ailments. Recent experience in HIV/Aigs has resulted in patients gaining weight, feeling healthy again and becoming productive within a few weeks. We cannot and do not claim that Sterolandia 50 is a cure for HIV/Aids but hundreds of anecdotal reports have demonstrated its usefulness and effectiveness in helping to restore quality of life to HIV/Aigs sufferers.

Normally within two weeks patients are reporting:

- Increased feeling of well-being

- Improvement in sleeping

- Greatly enhanced energy levels

- Rapid eradication of symptomatic factors such as thrush, muscular or joint pain, anxiety and depression

Sutherlandia Microphylla has been tested by the Medical Research council of South Africa (MIRA) and the National Research Foundation (NRF) and found to be safe and non-toxic in dosages well above the recommended 300mg twice daily 0one capsule morning and evening). It is however contra indicated in pregnant woman or nursing mothers as well as children under the age of four.

Recommended Usage

Sterolandia 50 is recommended for use as a nutritional supplement in persons with HIV/Aids, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, hypertension and other chronic conditions and depression.


Take one capsule morning and evening before meals. In the unlikely event of any discomfort occurring, the capsule should then be taken after the morning and evening meal.

Sterolandia 50 is a 100% Pure Food Supplement NOT A MEDICINE.

Always consult your healthcare professional before taking any natural product, especialy if you suffer from a serious health condition, high blood pressure, heart problem or are pregnant or nursing.

For more information concerning Sterolandia 50 or any of our other superior micronutrient formulations, please contact Nutricare by clicking on the contact details alongside.


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