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Nothing Beats Nonna Mia's Kitchen

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If it's delicious pizza you want, it's delicious pizza you'll get at Nonna Mia's Kitchen. Trust me when I say it's some of the best you'll ever have!

Nonna Mia's Kitchen is an Italian eatery that’s dangerously close to my house, which means that I probably eat there way too often. I’m not complaining, though – they make a damn good pizza!

Nonna Mia

It's a great place for take-aways or a casual sit down meal. When it comes to their pizza, you’ve got three choices: 6, 8 or 24 (!) slices but be warned – while it’s great to order the Grande if you’re sharing with a couple of people, if you’re going for a take away, you might struggle to fit yourself and the enormous pizza box in your car. And, if you’re sitting down, the monstrous pizza will literally take up the entire table – I speak from experience!

While their pasta is fair, their pizza really is something to write home about – it’s square, has just the right amount of cheese (nothing worse than an under- or overly-cheesy pizza, right?) and there are plenty of topping combos. My favourite has got to be the Bari (mozzarella, pomodoro, spinach, olives and ricotta).

If you’re sharing, they’re more than happy to split the pizza up so, say you like olives but your other half doesn’t (you guys should break up, but that's just my opinion), then no problem. You can even customise the Grande to suit everyone – you want it divided into four options? No problem!

Nonna Mia

Nonna Mia also serves up a range of pastas, antipasto dishes and salads, so you’re pretty much guaranteed that there’s something for everyone. Go on, you’ll love it – who can turn down a pizza feast? And if you supersize...well, all the more to have for breakfast tomorrow morning!

By Nikki Samakosky

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