News Cafe Leads Corporate Social Investments In 2018

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#NewsForChange was inspired by News Cafe to bring change within the communities we live in, by enriching the lives of individuals who need. News Cafe believes that giving is not just about  making a donation, it’s about making a difference and that small acts of kindness can change the world and together they have the power to change people’s lives. In light of Madiba’s 100th birthday, News Cafe has pledged to do 100 good deeds by the end of 2018.

Mouths To Feed

The News Cafe team visited Sonia and her family after receiving a tearful request for help with the bare basics, to keep their head above water. Five grocery bags were packed with all the basic groceries they needed and were delivered to their temporary 1 room home in Actonville. Sonia and her family greeted the team with heaps of gratitude!

Boots For Ballers

News Cafe first heard about Tumelo* on the Nazareth House Johannesburg’s Facebook page. Nazareth House is a non-profit making charitable organisation, which has served the communities in Gauteng for over 100 years. The National and Provincial Social Welfare departments, the Children’s Court and the South African Police refer abandoned babies and children to Nazareth House. They strive to provide the children with as normal a life as possible. They attend the local nursery and primary schools, have fun playing in the gardens, riding bikes, going on outings. Every child at some stage longs to find their roots, who they really are and who they belong to. The Nazareth house does all they can to help them find the answers. They believe that children of all abilities should grow up in a nurturing home environment. Their priority is always, wherever possible, to stabilise and reunite these children with their families, through Family Reunification, or to place them in loving foster care.


News Cafe dedicated the month of June to Youth Month. A month where they could appreciate the struggles of those who gave and risked their lives for freedom. This month celebrates the youth, their future and that the foundation of every state is the education of its youth. News Cafe Sandton hosted the #LadyNamBlanketDrive and brunched for charity, with one thought in mind, to support those less fortunate at iThuseng Day Care centre in Alexandra. They far exceed the amount of blankets needed and the team look forward to seeing the bright and beautiful people at the home later on in the year. A special thank you to the inspiring Lady Nam who partnered with us for this great drive. This lives true to the word that, sometimes, it falls upon a generation to be great and together our greatness can blossom.

We Change Their Destiny

Kitty and Puppy Haven is a pro-life sanctuary started in 2000 with the sole purpose of rescuing neglected, abused and abandoned animals. Most of their cases originate from veterinary practices, low income areas, other welfare organizations or from emergency rescues. The News Cafe team visited the haven situated in Midrand to deliver blankets for the animals who are in great need of warmth during the cold weather. News Cafe were pleasantly surprised to find that every animal also receives standard health care – vaccinations, de-worming, flea control and sterilisation. All of the animals are placed in suitable, loving homes. The haven alleviates suffering and saves lives.

Spreading Warmth One Home At A Time

Along with Lady Nam we visited the Princess Alice Adoption home which was opened in 1930’3 and is located in Johannesburg. As a facility of Joburg Child Welfare, their aim is to protect the vulnerable little people in their care and provide them with everything that they need until they are placed with their forever families. They are also a temporary place of safety for babies (aged newborn to two years) who have been abandoned or consented for adoption. They provide a high standard of care to the little ones in a homely and happy environment, ensuring that they have a loving start to life until they are adopted or fostered by suitable families. Their secondary function is to provide a place of safety for pregnant girls who are in crisis. We will continue spreading warmth with Lady Nam delivering blankets to those who need it most.

Be 67 Minutes

In celebration of uTat’u Nelson Mandela’s centenary, we visited the TLC Children’s Home that fosters, places and adopts vulnerable children from a family-run home that helps every child in its care, to grow up in a loving and responsible family. Founded by the Jarvis family in the same year as South Africa’s democracy in 1993, TLC Children’s Home began with the mission to provide a refuge for any baby or child in need of care whether because they have been abandoned, neglected, orphaned or abused. The team visited the home and assisted by painting a wall. Not just any wall, an interactive graffiti wall. An artist was procured to do this and each child got to put their hand print on the wall as a pledge for a brighter future and that every small act of kindness matters. We celebrated the work of art with party packs for the kids and left knowing that we would be back soon to support the team that run the home and the beautiful children that reside there. One does not forget that the TLC Children’s Home is possible because of the selfless and dedicated caregivers that join hands for a better South Africa.

Angel Wings Care Centre

Willem & Berdina Boshoff care and cater for disabled persons, abused woman, children and men, single parents with children, single women and men who fell in life through circumstances. Most of our pensioners are people who do have families but don’t want to be a burden on their shoulders. We are a registered (NPC) Non-Profitable Company / Organization managed by voluntary workers. We visited the Angel Wings care centre after a photoshoot with all the food that we had left over and we were greeted by very grateful faces. The centre homes abandoned children and gives them a loving family who feeds and cares for them. The children and caretakers at the centre could not wait to enjoy the meal prepared by the News Cafe Woodmead Kitchen. Donate to this cause in monetary form or drop off old clothes and food to help the care centre to carry on helping the children.

Tails And Whiskers

News Cafe found a charity shop that sells donated goods to raise money for animals in need. We assisted with new branding for their windows so passers-by could see the signage. Tails and Whiskers choose the rainbow coloured design, because Noah’s Ark had had the greatest impact on the owner who vividly recalled the rainbow after the flood. It is a promise of better things to come for the animals, just like the story.

Pug Rescue

Pug Rescue South Africa rescues, rehabilitates, re-homes and offers sanctuary to Pugs in South Africa. Pug Rescue SA run many fundraising campaigns to assist with funding the sanctuary. They are dependent on the public to support their fundraising activities and on the generous donations of their communities. The aim is to give all rescued Pugs a second chance to find a happy, loving home for his/her lifetime. The team dropped off our food donation and spent some time with the Pug Rescue family and loved every minute!

A Gift For A Child

The Mangolongolo Squatter Camp was home to 60 less fortunate children who are looked after by Patricia and her wonderful team who cook for the children Monday, Wednesday and Friday, provide school uniforms and stationary at the beginning of every year as well as clothes and blankets. The News Cafe team donated 60 pairs of shoes in hope to keep the children inspired and to walk the extra mile to achieve their dreams! Donate to this cause and make the difference you want to see in the world, every bit counts!

Mothersnest A Safe Home For Abused Children

Children are placed through the Children Court’s in their safekeeping due to being removed legally from there parental caregivers. Physical and sexual abuse caused by drug and alcohol misuse are normally the main reasons for these children being removed from their parents by the social workers. Currently, they care for 14 children’s everyday needs, which you can imagine puts huge pressure on the establishment. Anything a child needs in his/her parental home, we provide for these kids. From basic needs, emotional needs to educational needs.


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