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Choo Choo Junction Remains A Linden Gem

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Choo Choo Junction, with its steam punk decor, strong drinks and food destination menu, remains one of Linden's best spots. Here's what you can expect.  

4th avenue is the buzzing heart of Linden. With great venues like Brian Lara Rum Eatery, The Whippet, The Argentine and Gravity Café managing to survive the brutal two years the Covid-19 driven lockdown had on restaurants and hospitality, you will also find Choo Choo Junction.

We visited Choo Choo Junction early this December 2021 and it gave me the feeling of a hopeful new horizon for restaurants and pubs post-lockdown. With a vibrant pub vibe, Choo Choo was a great experience.

Choo Choo Junction brings you food from around the world where everything we tried was cooked with love. They slow cook dishes in a wood fired oven or in their Choo Choo Smoker.


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They're famous for their Flaming Cheesewheel, fancy flatbreads and awesome cocktails. What makes this stationary train so special is their monthly taste destinations. Each month they travel to a new destination around the world, where, for the remainder of the month they serve cuisine local to the selected destination. Inside you will find a giant map covering the wall that will show all their destinations and where the train is currently parked. This bold and exciting idea allows you to keep going back to your favourite spot while experiencing a whole new menu.

Their cocktails are hella potent, with a wild variety to choose from, making for an interesting walk home. They have craft beer on tap and a menu with so many awesome options you’ll be changing your mind at least twice before you settle on something, either way everything we had on the night was worth writing home about, so you’ll be in good hands no matter what you decide on (eventually).


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Choochoo has specials on almost every day. Make a note of these:

Tuesday or 'Choo’sday' is 2 for 1 flatbreads - which is just their way of saying pizza.

Wednesday is when you can meet Gertrude, their flaming cheese wheel! You’ll also have the option of two for 1 pastas.

Thursday is a “Curry on… for 2” alongside a double tequila special.
You can also treat yourself to a nachos and 2 tequilas special! (Which was my favourite, I think they may have been the best nachos I’ve had in my life! 10/10 would definitely recommend).

Friday you can get yourself a Mexican platter for two or 800g rib riot!

Sunday they offer a traditional lunch.


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Perfect for an after-work wine and dine or friends night out, you’ll find yourself amused by the train-like, steampunk decor and bits and bobs gathered from around the world. As it is quite a small restaurant we’d recommend booking a table if you don’t want to be disappointed.

They host plenty of events, such as quiz night. Questions are answered on your phone in a blitz-quick 10seconds per question, multiple choice format. This means there is no time for cheating and everyone can get involved. It seems like there’s always something happening at Choo Choo and your favourite flavour destination might be just around the corner!

Check out their website, Facebook and Instagram.

Written by Gordon Bosma.

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