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New Luxurious Men's Fragrances from L'Oréal

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Take a step back and prepare for some the manliest scents new to the market.  L'Oréal has finally arrived with its latest fragrances for men and we love it to bits. Check these bad boys out... Armani_Code_Profumo_Bottle_60ml_reflet

Giorgio Armani Code Profumo   60ml      R 1 231.00

If you're looking for a five star perfume to go with that dark and delicate suit of your then look no further than Giorgio Armani's Code Profumo. The scent is constructed around the elusive tonka bean. Other remarkable notes would be a beautiful mixture of amber and cardomain to complete this Oriental spice of a masterpiece.


YSL LA NUIT DE L’HOMME - EAU DE TOILETTE      100ml    R 1 494.00

YSL's latest addition to its eau de toilette runs with the soft touch of aromatic water light enough to seduce shadows. Base notes of cedar and cardomain dance through dark streets towards an explosion of lavender and caraway. La Nuit de L'Homme is for the man who works hard and plays hard and knows what he wants. The perfume is rounded with a silage which lingers for long enough, making it the perfect choice for a night time wear.La Niut De LHomme produc

YSL KOUROS       100ml    R 1 231.00

The essence of ancient Greek gods inspired YSL to create a deep, dark number dressed in an amber finish. Welcome to the fragrance you've been searching for. Notes of cedar sends you on a wild and wonderful adventure through illusive forests of wonder. Forms of aldehyde, Bergamot and Geranium burst through the fragrance wall to round off the experience.  The sensual Clove and floral notes of Jasmine warms this complex and vibrant essence before Ambergris and Oakmoss complete the perfection of this woody path.Kouros (classic)


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