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Nelson Mandela Square: One Of The Largest Tower Clocks

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Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton has announced some exciting news. Be sure to visit and view the latest architectural wonder to grace the square: one of the largest tower clocks in the Southern Hemisphere.

Capture Your Moment In Time 

Nelson Mandela Square is one of the most iconic lifestyle and retail destinations in South Africa. This population space exemplifies sophistication, European-inspired architecture, and tourist-centric representations of South African hero, Nelson Mandela.

Since its development in 1994, the Square has continued to enhance and improve not only its retail and dining offering to its visitors, but also its physical space to ensure an unparalleled environment of beauty, opulence and serenity.

The latest architectural addition to Nelson Mandela Square is an absolute must-see: a monumental clock comprising of diamond hour pieces, translucent numerals with satin black and gold finishes, and LED lighting to create a unique halo around the timepiece while illuminating the clock by night. Meauring at 5.75m in diameter and over 500 kilograms in weight, this is one of the largest tower clocks in the Southern Hemisphere.

The construction of the Nelson Mandela Square Clock took 240-hours to design and four months to construct. Most of the clock's elements were fabricated from aluminium and 20m of LED strip lighting was used for the lighting of the timepiece hands and the halo illumination.

If you would like to go take a look at this wonder for yourself, the clock can be found directly behind the Nelson Mandela statue, overlooking the Square. This beautiful timepiece complements the nature of the Square and will delight visitors and shoppers, both local and foreign, with its beautiful lighting and delicate chimes.

Come to The City, and capture your moment in time.

nelson mandela square clock

For More Information

For more information about Nelson Mandela Square and their brand-new feature to the Square, visit

You can also contact them on 011 217 6000 or [email protected].

Don't forget to follow Nelson Mandela Square on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news, information, offers and events.


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