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The National's Winter Menu

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If you're in the mood for some delicious comfort food this winter, then pop by The National Eatery + Speakeasy restaurant located in Parktown North. This artsy venue recently launched its Winter Menu and it's certainly worth a try!

With the bar and seating area separated, The National is the perfect venue to go to for a fabulous meal or a zesty drink, on any occasion. This artsy-looking venue is very enticing to the eye, leaving you with no room for anything else but an anticipation of how good the food will taste. The décor certainly grabs you before you even see the food!

The National 2

The cold weather has gradually taken over and we're left craving comfort food as opposed to a summery salad - and The National has launched its Winter Menu to accommodate our needs. On the starters menu, the Lamp empanadas instantly jumped at me because lamp is delicious and who can say no to savoury meals with mint pesto? My tastebuds were jumping for joy at the first bite!

Lamp Empanadas

For mains, I battled to pick between the Homemade chorizo sausage and smoked free range chicken gumbo versus the Lamb tajine. Ultimately though, my bias was already towards anything with lamb so I thought, yes... another lamb dish is in order! The other guests seemed very pleased with the other mains options, one of which included a Vegetarian biryani, so if meat is not your thing, this menu caters to your needs too.

Lamp Tajine

My sweet-tooth dessert-loving self had another dilemma when it came to the dessert options. You know when everything sounds amazing and you end up feeling like a little kid in a candy store? Yes, that was me. Between the Deep fried snickers bar, Chocolate cinnamon bun pudding and Freshly fried homemade doughnuts - I was left to wonder. Then the Homer Simpson in me whispered "hmmm doughnuts" and so I choose the doughnut dessert that was served a choice of dark chocolate, white chocolate and caramel sauce. Yum!


Dessert being my favourite course for any meal sitting, I couldn't help but scout how the other dessert options looked... sweet-tooth problems. I spotted the deep fried snickers bar with vanilla pod ice cream and fell in love. Of course, I didn't have enough room in my stomach to try that as well, but I will definitely give it a try next time!

Snickers bar

Text & Images by Cleopatra Shava

For more information about The National, see the above contact info box.

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