Its All A Mystery With The Hidden Gems Of Joburg

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Mystery is as sexy as a mixologist serving you the best concoction. Check out these unique, hidden bar in city of Johannesburg! Article - Mysterious bar
The Ultimate Concoction And Where To Find It?

Once upon a time, in the city of Joburg were treasures hidden, creating a world of mystery and transcendence of what would be an amazing night between you and a sexy, tasty drink. If there's one thing that South Africans do really well, it's have a good party. Jozi has become one of the hippest and trendiest places to go to with the new restaurants, precincts markets and events, to name but a few.

The Joburg is becoming the one city that everybody wants to flock to. It has drastically changed from being that unsafe place to being where everybody wants to party. It is not surprising that people have found an interest in it as amazing spots just keep popping up like mysterious hidden gems. We are always searching for something new and found just the thing for your journey, filled with mysterious electric vibes.

Article - Mysterious bar

Zwipi Underground Bar

Zwipi Bar is situated in what could be known as a bus depot where some Joburg residents catch the bus. Now, this spot is home to Zwipi, a new and spontaneous bar. This bar is part of a collective called Thunder Walker, which includes a restaurant. So we won't be going hungry.

We love architecture and this has to be one of the most beautiful buildings. And it houses an amazing concept. Just a side note, this spot is open Thursday to Saturday nights from 7pm but please do call for confirmation as the place can sometimes be booked.

If you're looking for a place that serves the best wash downs with a unique atmosphere in an unexpected spot, this is it.
Article - Mysterious bar

Sin + Tax

In Rosebank, sits a mysterious and electric bar with a secret door that opens up a world full of spontaneity, creativity and unique mixology. Sin + Tax is situated on Bolton Street. The passage, as you walk through, adorns an amazing work of art on the huge wall. At the end of the passage, lies the secret door.

The one thing that stands out is the uniform, the vibe and the mixologists. Everyone is speckled with tattoos and shades of black. The raw and inspired look fits in perfectly with mystery, like something out of a movie. The secret door leads to an underworld with the hottest party. Although your pockets may need to be a little bit deep, the drinks are worth it - they are mind blowing. Definitely a must visit!
Mzansi, the world is your oyster now let's discover something new!

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