Musing About The News Cafe Jack’d Up Burger

Our food hero Shawn goes for lunch at News Cafe and finds something so beautiful that he simply has to tell you all about it… right now!

Lads; ladies, hold on to your seats because this does not happen often. So, I got invited to News Cafe Sandton to do a bit of an “influencer experience” type thing – that’s where I pay for my meal with a tweet and a social post (the perks of being Shawn, it seems). I didn’t expect much except that I was going to have a decent meal for lunch. With that said, I winged it and ordered the Jack’d Up burger (News Cafe has been collaborating with Jack Daniels Tennessee Whisky for about a year now and I am loving it). One of the menu items that’s born out of this partnership is the burger we’re about to dissect, rant, and muse about in the next paragraph.

Check the image above. Doesn’t that look pretty? Of course it does! And the taste… it’s beautiful. The burger stars a hand made beef patty bathed in Jack’d Up sauce (a Jack Daniel’s infused BBQ vibe that’s tangy, sweet, and very sexy on the tongue). The burger features a slice of (what I assume is) American cheese, garnish, and pickles that I can write sonnets about… no, seriously, the pickles are sweet, sour, crisp, and earthy (that earthy taste is what makes it by far one of the best damn pickles I’ve ever had on a burger).

This is legit a quick article just to tell you about this burger that surprised the food critic socks off my feet. With that said, do yourself a favour – I’m staking my credibility as a food writer on this – go and order the Jack’d Up burger from your nearest News Cafe RIGHT NOW. Don’t expect to have your mind blown but expect to enjoy the living love out of this burger for sure. It hits the spot without overpowering your taste buds with a crock of stuff that’s not necessary… but it does have bacon on it – loads of bacon.

Visit News Cafe Sandton online.

By Shawn Greyling

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