Ever-increasing daily pressure at work and home means a steady rise in the number of people searching for a product to help cope with mounting stress levels and hurried, unhealthy eating habits. Ignoring your tense and tired body is bound to result in digestive stress and listlessness because it’s missing out on vital nutrients.

Yet when it comes down to choosing a multivitamin to help alleviate the pressures of daily life, you’re confused by the sheer variety available on shelf, right? Not any longer, thanks to global pharmaceutical company, Merck. It has launched the ultimate health supplement and in so doing developed a new class of over the counter preparations: the “ultivitamin™” category.

This new ultivitamin™, named Multibionta®, fully deserves to be in a class of its own as it’s the first, and only, super supplement that contains probiotics, as well as vitamins and minerals. Probiotics help with the absorption of vitamins and minerals. This means that Multibionta® offers all the benefits of a complete multivitamin, plus the benefits of probiotics, making it your one-stop solution to bringing your body back to its natural, balanced state.

Probiotics are an added ingredient to certain foods like yoghurt, milk and cheese. They create an environment in your intestine for “good” bacteria to thrive, defending your body against harmful bacteria. However, the probiotic nutrient levels vary widely in foods, depending on the way the food is processed and manufactured, and on the ingredients used. In addition, natural stomach acids attack probiotics taken in foods, which reduces the useful number of probiotics dramatically.

Now South Africans have the opportunity to use this leading brand for themselves and experience its multiple benefits. Priced between R85 and R120 for a month’s supply of 30 tablets, Multibionta® is available over the counter from all leading pharmacies nationwide and is reimbursable by certain medical aids. It is suitable for adults, and can be used by children over 12.

With stress, poor diet, fatigue and common ailments like irritable bowel syndrome taking their toll on daily life, it’s good to have a guaranteed three-in-one innovative formula like Multibionta® at hand.

So, whether you’re travelling to an exotic destination, feeling run-down, or simply in search of a reliable and convenient super supplement, there’s no need to hesitate when browsing the shelves. Simply choose the ultimate – Multibionta®, the only proven ultivitamin™.

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