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Okay moms, we write a lot of pieces centred around the kids, but this one is all about you! Being a mom means you give a lot of your time and energy to the kids and sometimes you forget to take some time for yourself (or the mom guilt creeps when you do). Well, Mommy Wellness Day Spa is here to take care of you during your mommy time.

Mommy Wellness Day Spa

Spa days are the ultimate way to relax. Getting massages and being pampered makes everyone happy. But not all spa treatments cater for expecting moms. Mommy Wellness Day Spa caters to all the moms. Whether you’re expecting, have just given birth or you’re an experienced child-rangler, they have packages to suit everyone. And let’s face it, mom needs a pamper day too sometimes. So here are a few reasons why you should spend your “me time” at this spa.

Life is about balance

It’s good for you (and the kids) to take some time out for yourself. Some moms tend to lose themselves in their kids, so taking time out be [insert your name here] often takes a back seat. But taking time out to relax and take care of yourself is important for you. Plus, a happy mom equals happy kids.

Mommy Wellness Day Spa

The Assortment of Packages

They have a huge assortment of packages! From mommy massages to the usual aesthetic treatments. Even pregnant moms can get a massage (and let’s face it, during pregnancy you don’t always feel your best). Plus, massages are great stress relievers and helps to relieve discomfort during pregnancy.

Some of the specialised treatments include:

  • Bella Roze pregnancy massage
  • Oh baby massage
  • Mommy’s time out ( A massage, a cup of tea and a chance to catch up on your fave magazines? yes please!)
  • Quench my thirsty skin body wrap
  • Mellow out body wrap (full body)
  • Dimple depleting body wrap
  • Reset body wrap
  • Boogie legs lower leg & foot treatment
  • And many more!

Most of the treatments are suitable for pregnant women. The service is amazing and you’ll leave feeling so relaxed and refreshed. Bring some of your fellow moms and make it a pamper party.

Treatments go beyond massages too! Get manis, pedis, waxes, facials and much more!

Bring dad along and make it a date 

They also offer couples massages, so mom and dad can make it a date day! Quality time with your significant other can often be hard to come by for some parents and this is Wellness Day Spa’s solution to that. They offer some treatments for dads to be pampered as well. This would be a great way to spend some time together for expecting parents before the new bundle of joy arrives.

Mommy Wellness Day Spa

Don’t worry if Mommy guilt hits, you can bring the kids

So, if you really don’t want to spend time away from the kids, it’s not a problem because the spa offers packages that include the kids too! Whether it’s toddler’s, kids, or teens, there are packages to cater for them too. Have a pamper party with kids or let them have a good time in a play area. The mother and daughter treatments could also be an amazing way to spend time catching up with your teen.

Mommy Wellness Day Spa

Accredited Partners

Don’t worry about massages not being suitable for kids, they’ve partnered with accredited medical professionals to make sure your safety is paramount. A gynaecologist, registered nurse and dietician consult with the Wellness Day Spa to make sure that your wellness is put first.

So consider a wellness day next the time time you want mommy time.

Visit their Joburg branches located in Alberton and Randpark Ridge

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