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Mom-Daughter Time At Magalies Mountain Lodge

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If you met my mother, you would agree that she is the reigning queen of moms (in my humble opinion, at least). So, a little while ago, I decided it was time to treat her to a special mother-daughter spa day. The Magalies Mountain Lodge had come highly recommended by friends, so, early one morning, we climbed in the car and set out for this destination.

You know that wonderful, exciting feeling you get when you drive off to your holiday destination, while the rest of the world is sleeping? This was our feeling. Except, unlike those long journeys, we weren't begging, "are we there yet?" a few hours into our trip. This is the beauty of destinations that are far enough to feel like away-time, but close enough that the drive doesn't leave you in need of a three year holiday. Three year holiday? Three year holiday. Three. year. holiday. Sigh. Ok, Sorry. I'm back from that rabbit hole. The Magalies Mountain Lodge is located outside Pretoria, making it an ideal getaway for Joburgers.

We drove into the middle of nowhere, leaving cities and rushing footsteps behind us. Nothing surrounded us, except the "sound of silence" and mountainous terrain. We turned into the Magalies Mountain Lodge property and drove up the long driveway. We passed the gardens and reached earthy brown buildings, tucked away at the foot of the mountain. This is not one of those spas that mimicks European luxury. Rather, it reflects the beauty of our continent, with indigenous plants and open spaces baking beneath the African sun.

magalies mountain lodge

Image courtesy of Magalies Mountain Lodge Website

Before you start thinking, "yes, I am sure this is all fabulous and such, but I am too busy paying for adulting," let me stop you there. One of the reasons this particular spa was recommended to me was its affordability. Plus, they always have amazing specials and packages on offer. Depending on the package you choose, you can enjoy a selection of treatments: a Hot Stone Massage, a Vanilla Back Massage, Facials, Reflexology, Back Exfoliation and Wrap, Foot/Hand Destress Treatments, and much more. You can go for the day, a half day, or you can stay overnight in one of the soothing suites.

We only went for the day, but it was just enough to unwind and release the worries of life. As part of our hamper, we were given a substantial breakfast and lunch. We were well indulged with hearty meals and full access to coffee, tea and juice. Situated high up against the mountain, the views from this restaurant and deck reach far out to the edges of the horizon, displaying endless sunsets and sunrises. Lion King styles.

magalies mountain lodge

Our skilled therapists treated us to a wonderful massage, a refreshing facial and a relaxing foot treatment. The rooms were beautifully decorated, exuding a soothing ambience.

In between treatments, the spa's facilities were at our disposal. The jacuzzi is a cosy relief from cold days and the pool is a welcome treat during the sweltering summer. This is the perfect little spot to enjoy silly giggles as you lounge on pool chairs and admire your pretty new feet. There is also a hike trail available, so you can experience the full enjoyment of healthy outdoor living.

magalies mountain lodge

Image courtesy of Magalies Mountain Lodge website

It was a cooler time of the year when we went, so we walked around the gardens and pathways, wearing slippers and gowns like we owned the place. We sat on one of the many benches and tables and read in silence, feeling the peace that comes from aromatic massages and facials. Not for long, though, because we couldn't help talking, laughing and having some restorative soul chats. Because that's what moms are for, right?

So, go ahead and choose between the many hampers on offer, including a reasonable half day hamper for only R750 per person or a two day romantic getaway for R3220. I know, you're about to thank me for mentioning this, just in time for the month of loving! Don't even mention it.

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