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The Cuteness Overload At Miniso Is Unreal

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If you want the cutest items in the world, you best check out Miniso. It's an oasis of cuteness with items that paint an animation in your brain. Miniso

The one place that had me in my feelz about being a girl (excuse me, a woman) has to be Miniso. Oh! My! God! The first time I walked into this place, I knew that I have found my ultimate gifting spot.

Miniso has some of the cutest items I have ever seen and let me confess my stereotypical sin (and trust me you will fall into too). The minute I set foot there, I was 100% convinced that whichever "lady" thought about bringing this creative and convenient idea to life is a Genius. Until! I found out that my so called lady is actually two gentlemen, Mr Miyake Junya and Mr Ye Guofu. Talk about knowing what women want.


Why You Need To Get Miniso'd?

Their philosophy is “simplicity, nature and good quality”. You will not be surprised by this when you see their products - I am convinced they have a thing for bears🐻. This store is like a superstore, they have everything that you probably won't expect them to have.

Miniso is definitely every girls dream shop, they boast with everything that you need including bags, wallets and pretty much everything that goes into a bag. They have amazing products that ladies are always on the hunt for like setting powder, foundation, lip liner, mascara and many more.


I could name it all, they have it and to add some spice to that list, they have perfume, a wide range of perfumes that smells absolutely amazing. There are tons of things that I could mention but honestly - it would take us all year, that is literally how much variety they have at their stores.They are all for competitive pricing and very good quality.

The strategic colours and design they have chosen is very easy on the eye including the simplicity - it is beautiful. Their products designs are inspired by a stew of culture which includes Japan, Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Malaysia, etc,. These diverse places come a together to inspire beautiful products that have Joburg talking Japanese.


They boast with over 5000 products to help you with the below;

Be The Best Gift Giver...

One things for sure, you will probably become the best gift giver once you acquaint yourself with Miniso. Even if you not that great at buying gifts, you will definitely find something affordable, of good quality and ultra adorableness here.

Right when you thought its all about the ladies, they also have ladies and gents under garments at some of their stores. Having recently opened in Rosebank, this store has been flocking with people who want to get themselves amazing stuff.

Who wouldn't want to get Miniso'd?

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