A Slice Of What Could Be Heaven, Damn You Yummy Milk Tart

The Whippet

When I think of The Whippet, creativity is the one word that springs to mind. Situated in Linden's most peaceful area, known as the spot to have the super pair - coffee and a tasty, yummy, most creamiest milk tart. Your tummy will thank you for all of this.

Side note: the decor at Whippet is just absolutely fabulous.

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Cultiv8 has to be one of the most diverse venues in the west, catering to multiple events options. That is not the only thing that people travel here for to see. Everyone is on the hunt for their amazing milk tart! This milk tart recipe has been passed on from generation to generation and could easily land in your stomach if you pay them a visit. Trust us, you won't regret it.

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Cafe Dol Sol Botanico

The desserts at Cafe Dol Sol Botanico are impeccable. But, one dessert that does stand out is our very own South African dessert - milk tart. If you mouth is not watering, something is wrong, as "Bonatico" have added some of that Italian flavour to the classic by creating a milk tart flavoured Italian panna cota.

Once you taste this slice of genius two worlds, you will be hooked.

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Fournos Bakery

I think we have all come to accept the fact that Fournos has amazing tummy hugging bakery goods. They could definitely make any mom a bit jelly for not having their recipes. To add on to that, one of my favourites is their milk tart. Lord have mercy!

Fournos knows how to stir up that, "homemade" type of feeling out of anyone. One thing that does stand out though - they know just the quantity of cinnamon dust to sprinkle onto the milk tart.

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Tart Patisserie

If you are looking for a slice of heaven, it can be found at the Tart Patisserie. Oh my, I'm weak already! You would be too if you've tasted their dessert or cake. Their milk tart isĀ to. die. for... I had to put emphasis on that so you would catch my drift. It is one of the spots you want be in for sweet tooth satisfaction.

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De Backery

Not only does De Backery have a unique name, they have a unique touch when it comes to tarts (excuse my French, but their milk tart is one that will never forget). This Dutch inspired spot has brought a milk tart recipe that will have you drooling.

Situated in Edenvale, this spot is known as the greatest milk tart dealer to the locals.

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All those spots are ready for you to go on a tasting spree!

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