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Mihla Ndamase And Lasizwe Take On #YouTubeBlack In Atlanta

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Lasizwe and Mihlali are definitely our favourite travelling duo and we are always tuning in on social media to see just what they are up to, and to put the feeling in one word - they are truly inspiring. Allowing up and coming South African and African YouTube content creators to be inspired to push their craft and get recognised like they did. #YouTubeBlack

We Had No Choice But To Stan!

Now let's all give it up to the woman who breathes and Twitter starts losing it's mind, yes good people I am talking about the beautiful Mihlali Ndamase, we stay stanning. She has done it again, and we are just clapping with her as she continues to climb the ladder to success and being recognised for her hard work on her channel, continuing to give her viewers the content they signed up for, and that ladies and gents is what we call a queen, yass queen!


And onto the next we go, the funny, the hilarious, the content king himself - Lasizwe is also at the #YouTubeBlack event and oh child aren't we just living for his Insta stories. This is a beautiful time for South African YouTubers too because it doesn't get any inspirational than this.


About #YouTubeBlack 

For those who do not know what #YouTubeBlack is about, let's fill you in! They are a corporate initiative seeking to support and amplify the voices of creators of colour, and this year they are hosting their 4th annual FanFest event taking place in the ATL (Atlanta) which started on the 21st October 2019 at Morehouse College, which is a historically black men's college.


This event brings all creatives together, completing the experience with incredible live performances, collaborations, and fan meetups. The event serves as a hub for local fans to interact with top black YouTube creator. And for our faves (Lasizwe and Mihlali) to be part of this experience, we are more than happy to see that the YouTube industry is really opening up not only to creators from different countries, but to people of colour. The entertainment line up includes:

  • Lil Baby
  • WilldaBeast Adams
  • Queen Naija
  • 6LACK
  • Raven Elyse
  • 360Jeezy
  • Nicole TV
  • Next Town Down
  • Taylor Girlz
  • Zachary Campbell
  • Sherrie Silver
  • Khadi Don
  • Jade Fox
  • GotDamnZo

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