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Known for its precision focus on efficiency, Ritual Gym has given thousands of time-starved working professionals in cities around the world a much-needed option to get their workout in each day and is thrilled to be extending this offering to time-poor South Africans.

Using proven techniques based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Ritual Gym ’s 30-min workout concept was first tested and proven in one of the most densely populated cities in Asia – Singapore. The gym’s overwhelming success in the city, which is home to a population of 5 million with a  redominantly white collar working class, proved that it was possible for full, effective workouts to fit into the hectic day of any working professional.

Ritual Gym

“In today’s busy world, people have less time for themselves. Work and family commitments, as well as finding time for entertainment and other activities means that personal fitness and mobility are becoming less of a priority,” says Brad Robinson, CEO and Co-Founder of Ritual Gym. “We wanted to address this by combining cardio and strength training into a super-efficient 20-minute workout that trains the whole body, allowing our clients to easily tick their daily workout off their to-do list within just half an hour.”

The Ritual Gym model is perfect for anyone looking to squeeze in a workout, as the sessions are focused on the concept of ‘Train. Shower. Refuel. Out.’ Members aren’t even required to wear shoes, as the floors are shock absorbent, and gym kit, state-of-the-art showers, shower accessories and towels are all provided. A smoothie bar is on site to provide quick and nutritious refuels on the way out. With a maximum of ten clients per session, everyone receives plenty of hands-on personal attention from Ritual’s team of world-class coaches. “We’re incredibly excited about the launch of Ritual Gym in South Africa” says Tim Albone, Owner of Ritual Gym in Johannesburg. “Joburgers are especially time-stretched and Ritual Gym offers them the perfect combination of efficiency, personal attention and effective workouts that they need.”

Ritual Gym

For added convenience, the much-lauded app means that booking sessions, tracking stats and managing memberships can all happen at the touch of a button. Sessions are available every half hour from 5:30am to 8pm and can be booked up to two-minutes before a class begins, meaning that members can fit a workout into their day whenever it suits them.

Ritual Gym is located on the upper level of the Thrupps Illovo Shopping Centre. For more information, click here.


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