Meet Brian Mkhabela A Film Director

Brian Makhabela is a film director gracing the city of Johannesburg with his skills, he believes in being true to his art. He is also the former winner of Swedish Film award, he also runs his own film production company – RB Films. 

Who Is Brian Makhabela?

Who Is Brian Mkhabela?

Brian started RB Films eight years ago in order to tell stories in a different way and from a different perspective. “I was tired of seeing the same videos and videos of us not being able to tell our stories how we want to tell them”, he further states. Brian’s first project and what made an inroad for him was a Locnville music video. “It’s still my favourite video of all time”, Brian admits.

How It All Started For Him

Firstly Brian studied music, and from there he then moved on to film. When asked where he draws his inspiration from he says he admires the work of Guy Ritchie the British Filmmaker who made his name with Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and who more recently directed Sherlock Holmes. “He tells his stories from the heart, and can inspire a lot of young people”, Mkhabela explains.

Meet Brian Makhabela A Film Director

What Inspires Brian?

This Film Director says he feels a special affinity with the people from the ghetto. Those he believes aren’t able to tell their stories. “I’m that voice” he says. He is looking forward to the future and stating that he is open to working with anyone as long as they are doing a great job when it comes to telling authentic, original and relatable African stories. Believing that we have amazing stories as Africans, he vows to be looking forward to putting his best foot forward and working towards bringing his African flavour to everything he does. He says one of the highlights in his career has to be working with local sensation Culoe De Song on an animation video and with Wizkid touring Africa. Working with Black Motion also happens to be one of his highlights.

What Do You Bring To The Table?

Brian believes that he is trying to change the industry, how it thinks, and how it operates. Because he is tired of all the cliches and how we all have lost touch with being unique. You can expect more coming from him. In the pipeline is a touring working project with friend Lulama Wolf which will involve a few films and documentaries.

Also Brian literally puts something on the table he says he can also cook a meal or two. He says he finds that cooking or preparing a meal helps him unwind, he also says that besides making movies he is pretty creative in the kitchen as well. He also goes on to say that if he didn’t do film he would choose to be a chef. So as it seems the arts have won Brian’s heart and he is very content with his path and he says the whole point of doing art is to truly tell a story, and being true to ones art.

Meet Brian Makhabela A Film Director

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