Maybelline Guinness World Record Attempt

On Thursday, 26 September at 09:00 – 18:00, Maybelline will attempt to break a world record and help South African women find their perfect shade of foundation at Wits University Library Gardens.

Maybelline Guinness World Record Attempt

Maybe South African Women Are Born With it!

Maybelline New York, the number one colour cosmetics brand in the world, will be attempting to set a new Guinness World Record in South Africa for ‘Most People Matched With A Foundation In 8 Hours’.

With the diverse population and rich tapestry of skin tones, South Africa is an ideal location to smash the current record of 1327 people matched in one area over an eight hour period. The current record was set in the USA in July 2018.

Will They Break The Guinness World Record?

Every woman’s skin tone is beautiful and diverse. With the new FIT ME Foundation range, that has 30 different shades and fit a variety of South African skin tones, we have no doubt that Maybelline will break the current record.

Come Find Your Perfect Match!

Forget about getting a match on dating apps, you have a matching foundation waiting just for you. Maybelline is the go-to brand when when it comes to wearing make up that still allows you to flaunt your natural beauty.

We all know just how important it is to find our perfect shade. And for many years, South African women have been struggling to find their match. The waiting is over, the perfect foundation has arrived.

Maybelline Guinness World Record Attempt

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