Maverick Corner: The New Kid On The Block

Maverick Corner, a small retail space made from second-hand shipping containers, has opened shop. It’s based in the heart of the eccentric Maboneng precinct and has brought with it small pleasures for those who live and play in the neighbourhood.

Maverick Corner: The New Kid On The Block

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The small centre reminds me of a matchbox… small but low-key, and loaded with fire. Looking at it from the outside, one wouldn’t imagine that 21 shops occupy the space. And, the store variety is as rich in diversity as the picture that probably comes to mind when you hear ‘Rainbow Nation’.

Although not all the shops have started operating yet (they will be up and running by the end of May), Maverick Corner has already sown new life into the precinct. I have often found that Maboneng is overrated in that if you go there often enough, you’ll begin to feel starved for variation. The restaurants and shops that are already there are great, but there were only a handful at one time. Thankfully, things have changed now.

When standing at one end of the centre, you’re already within arm’s reach of an amazing juice bar, hearty, classic South African Indian cuisine (that’s to die for), a bistro with an electric vibe, a printing company, an urban nail bar, a sneaker cleaning company and a cycler’s heaven. There are also clothing boutiques that are paving the way for urban fashion, an art space, frozen desserts as well as an internet café.

For those who live there, convenience and a new source of culture has been added to the neighbourhood… and for regular visitors, there’s now even more reason to check out the precinct.

Here’s a list of the tenants:

  • Love Revo – a bistro.
  • Imprint – a printing company.
  • Kepekee – traditional clothing.
  • Le Shais Beauty – urban nails.
  • Thali – classic South African Indian food.
  • Sneaker Shack – an upmarket sneaker cleaning company.
  • Impressed Store – a health juice bar.
  • Matte Standing – a clothing shop.
  • BG Designs – a clothing shop.
  • Stuff Eatery – artisanal gourmet hot dogs.
  • Shakers Bar – an outdoor cocktail bar.
  • The Whippet Cycling Co. – sell bicycles.
  • Lenins Vodka Bar
  • James 16 – an eatery.
  • Fiv8ths – a shirtmaker.
  • Stitch And Steele – a clothing store.
  • Soma Art + Space – an art space.
  • Vintage Zionist – a clothing store.
  • Soul Souvlaki – a Greek restaurant.
  • Cocobel – a frozen dessert spot.
  • Spook – an internet café and shop.

Photo taken by Tswana Hippie.

Have you been to Maverick Corner? Which is your favourite store? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

By Tswana Hippie

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