Maternity Wear To Dress That Belly, Gorgeous Mama!

Mamma, we know it can be tough to dress up for the belly especially when you start to outgrow everything, so we’re hooking you up with spots that will have you looking fashionable and fabulous!

Maternity Wear To Dress That Belly, Gorgeous Mama!

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Expecting, are we? We know it can be quite hard to dress yourself when your baby starts growing and you want something comfortable.

Mommy, we know you worry about what you going to wear and also how some things just don’t fit anymore, but we have found an amazing selection of stores that will keep you fashionable and dressing for the comfort; for you and your little bundle of joy. Talk about two birds, one stone.

So, let’s take a look at these awesome stores to help you dress that baby bump and still be the fashionable mama that you are.

Maternity Wear To Dress That Belly

Cherry Melon

Let’s start off by confessing how cute the name Cherry Melon is. Just because you about to become a mom, that doesn’t mean you should lose yourself and your sense of style. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with being a mamma with pizzazz.

Cherry Melon is all about making moms feel great about themselves and how they can dress their bodies with trendy maternity wear. I mean, you deserve to look good, honey. Their offering includes jeans, dresses, tops and active wear and it doesn’t stop there, so you can check out more of their goodies. All their fabulous clothes are designed and manufactured locally.

If you are already interested, you can find them at the Cresta Shopping Centre or you can simply go new school and get yourself something cool on their online cart.

Maternity Wear To Dress That Belly


Before you jump the gun, this is not where you buy select horror dolls called Annabelle. No, there is absolutely nothing scary about this store. Annabella is an awesome store that caters for mommies who are expecting.

No, I’m not talking standard clothing like jeans and a plain T-shirt, I’m talking fashion statement maternity wear that will have heads turning and other moms asking where you got your outfit. They have stylish clothing, even something for swimwear, now that is cuteness overload.

They offer unique breastfeeding stuff as well, I’m talking fashionable but still awesome to feed your baby. These are a great investment because when you have passed that stage, they are still wearable. Looking for unique carriers; they have that too.

Maternity Wear To Dress That Belly


Bellyssimo! I think this name explains it all, mommies-to-be who want their bellies to be dressed beautifully. What’s cuter than that?

It’s easy to fall prey of the standard flowy dress but you can always add flair, and that is exactly what the maternity wear at Bellyssimo has to offer. Something that will have you stand out from the average “preggers look”.

Now that we have given you an idea as to where you can start looking – go get what’s yours, mamacita!

Active Wear For Mama

Who said keeping in shape while pregnant isn’t a thing? We’re here to prove them wrong! From yoga pants, to comfy training tops, Fit Mama gives you a variety of options to choose from. They say strength comes in all shapes and sizes, so you can  bet your sweet belly you’ll get what you’re looking for. They are niche designers of stylish range of fitness gear  that empowers women to step out in their own unique style while staying fit, both pre and post-pregnancy. So go on. Shop now. You know you want to!

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