Man Cave Essentials

Gents, we know that, sometimes, you just need to escape the routine of everyday life. Maybe you need a break from the kids, or you need a haven where you can forget your worries after a long day at work. Or maybe you simply want to play video games while having a beer – with no one interrupting. Yes? Well, this is where we come in with our list of man cave essentials. Check it out.

Big Screen Television 

Every man cave needs a big screen TV. How else are you going to watch your favourite sporting games when your kids want to watch cartoons and your wife wants to catch her series? Let’s face it, even if your family loves sports as much as you do, it’s essential to pimp out your man cave with a snazzy flat screen. Nowadays, you can get all sorts of beautifully manufactured high-definition TVs that will have you feeling like you’re right there in the thick of the action, supporting your favourite team. We love the options from Incredible Connection.

Sound System

One does not simply buy any speakers for a man cave – you need an appropriately kitted-out sound system to complement everything else in your sanctuary. As we love good quality, we rate Bose is the way to go. The sound is perfect for jamming with your buddies, gaming with your geek community and watching that epic war movie. Check out Sound Systems C.C. for all the great options you can invest in.


In the age of technology, it’s pretty obvious that you need a computer. The question, however, is: which computer will best suit your needs? If you are a hectic gamer, your requirements will differ from those of a major series streamer. If you want mobility, then getting a laptop is more ideal than buying a desktop. For help on getting the best machine to suit your needs, The PC Shop is the place to go.

Fast Internet

Whether you’re a media streamer or community gamer, having fast internet is almost as important as having food. No, really – there’s no time for slow internet in a man cave, especially in this day and age. The only option is to hook yourself up with fibre, but you must check if it’s available in your area before you can get connected to internet so fast it will have the next page loaded and ready within half a blink. Have a look Telkom, Afrihost and Vuma for their fibre internet deals.

Pool Table

A pool table is a classic piece to add to your man cave; it’s basically a staple.

Sleeper Couch

What’s a man cave without a sleeper couch? They’re perfect for lounging on or for when boys’ night gets a little too crazy that your bedroom just seems too far away… But don’t just buy any old sleeper couch, add some style and function to the room with awesome SNooZAs, which double as ottomans. We love the black canvas, cause black goes with everything.

Bar Refrigerator

A bar fridge is a must to ensure that all your beverages – beers, ciders and whatever else you and your mates love to drink – are chilled to perfection. We love the options from Miele – they have everything from single and double-door fridges to wine units and freezers.


Everyone has that one quirky thing they’re into. Be it records, comics or action figures, the perfect place to display them is in your man cave. Get yourself a display case or cabinet to show off your collectibles. Clear Design has some fantastic display cases on offer. They don’t need to be fitted to the wall, so if you ever move, your collectibles can go with you to be shown off in your next man cave.

Did we miss a man cave essential above? Let us know below!

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