Luggage Spots That Will Have You Packing It Up Just Right

When it’s time to pack it up; be it a long awaited trip or just the regular pack away old season clothes for the new, these luggage spots are what you need!

Luggage Spots

Luggage Spots That Will Have You Packing It Up Just Right

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There is a fine line with the love and hate relationship that we have with packing. That’s why we had to share these Luggage Spots with you so we can at least get the little load off of your shoulders.

I mean, let’s be real – we forget all about the heavy duty of packing when we are heading to an amazing get away that we have been planning for months (even spontaneous ones made in a day), but it all comes back to haunt us when it’s time to pack away clothes for the leaving season for the one awaiting.

However, don’t fear when we are near – we are going to take off the load even if it’s just the tiny part of directing you to the right place to get your luggage bags (maybe even a handbag or man bag).

Let’s check out these spots…

It’s All In The Bag…

Luggage spots


I think we have all become familiar with this brand. It has been around for a while and is known for variety at its best. Offering suitcases, handbags, wallets and many more – this brand is all about luxury, quality and style.

Cellini has years of experience in creating and improving their luggage ideas into innovative pieces that make you feel good about not only long lasting, but stylish bags to fit your taste. So whether you are an average Joe, lawyer or slay queen, you can definitely find what you want.


Frasers Luggage stores have been around for well over 100 years, and with the reputation of being known for their good quality material and leather goods. This business has grown into a hub of diversity in bags, suitcases and more.

Having started in Cape Town, the humbling beginnings of Frasers grew viral into shopping centres around the country. They have become one of the go to luggage spots for good quality, fair affordability and stylish luggage to suit your needs.

Luggage spots


Samsonite is one of the luggage spots known for their trendsetting travel gear, and making sure that you get any kind of luggage you need.

Known as the leading luggage provider, their products make you understand why; whether you are looking for a fashion handbag or suitcase big enough to carry all your dreams. They have an online store where you can get all you need and have it delivered.

Let’s Get Packing!

So now you know where to go, so check out some of their stuff, I’m sure you will find something that suits your style so let’s get packing, you jet setter you!

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