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Loving Literature At Reader's Warehouse

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Reader's Warehouse is a haven for book worms and owls across Joburg. Offering four stores and an online store, this warehouse has become the go-to for affordable and good quality books. We take a look at what they have to offer. 

Reader's Warehouse is most definitely one of our favourite bookstores in the city. They offer a total of four branches, one each in Norwood, Randburg, Broadacres and Hillfox. They also have a nifty online store. What we love about this store is that they have a diverse range of genres and authors at competitive prices. This store is probably the most affordable bookstore offering new wares. They are well renowned for their fantastic options in children's books, offering everything from babies' first books to teen reads. Each of the branches holds a special place in our hearts. Here's why.


Based in Roodepoort, Reader's Warehouse Hillfox offers all the best books at the Hillfox Value Centre. Like it's sister branches, this store has a huge variety of children's books. With everything from Dr Seuss to Enid Blyton, you're sure to find something to keep the little ones occupied. What we love about this particular branch is that they have some of the hard to find paperbacks, usually at discounted prices to boot.

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This branch, hiding in a corner at Norwood Mall, can be easy to miss. But it's worth a walk-about in search of it. They have the best range of fiction including brilliant authors like Stephen King, Dan Brown, James Patterson, Dean Koontz and Danielle Steel. The genres of fiction they have include crime, mystery, romance, fantasy, para-normal, science fiction and horror. This is the perfect spot to get the latest murder mystery, at a discounted price, and spend the day at one of the neighbouring coffee shops on the edge of your seat.

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Tucked away in Lifestyle Garden Centre on Ysterhout Drive in Randburg, this book shop is one of our most visited. The serene surroundings make this the perfect spot for some leisurely shopping on a Saturday afternoon. The doorways to this store are lined with massive sale bins, containing piles of discounted books. We admire this book store for their wide array of geekiness. They have all the latest copies of works by Andrzej Sapkowski (The Witcher), JRR Tolkien and George RR Martin. They also have a section devoted to manga, comic books and graphic novels.

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Broadacres Lifestyle Centre on Cedar Road in Fourways is a truly beautiful shopping centre. The country feel of the architecture makes one feel as if they are in Rome or Venice rather than somewhere in Joburg. This store keeps us coming back for their in-depth collection of biographies and educational books. This is the place to look for books on wildlife, photography books and tell-all autobiographies of your favourite celebrities, artists, musicians and bands.

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The world is moving to a virtual existence faster than we may like. Personally, we much prefer shopping for books in person. Because getting the next must-read is such a personal experience, we want to feel, see, smell, touch and taste the book we are adding to our collection. Okay, maybe not taste... but you catch our point. But online shopping does offer some conveniences. Online shopping at Reader's Warehouse is certainly a lot more convenient because of all the discounts. Not only are the books reasonably affordable to begin with, but most are also discounted as well. They have categories for books under R80, R50 and R40. Apart from this, they also have amazing sales from time to time and they have a rewards programme, where you'll get R1 for every R15 spent. Orders of R500 or more get free delivery, but we'd rather have our orders delivered to the closest store - any excuse for book shopping!

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