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Lockdown Lowdown With Zolfreckles

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We caught up with fashion enthusiast, influencer, model and artist, Zolfreckles, to find out all about her lockdown lowdown.

What is the first thing you'll get up to once lockdown is over?

Definitely see my boyfriend and friends.

Which restaurant do you miss the most?



What's your favourite home-cooked meal you've made during lockdown?

Vegetarian stir fry with noodles.

What are you watching on Netflix?

Too Hot To Handle and The Circle. I love reality TV shows.


Have you picked up a hobby or perfected a skill?

I’ve gone back to drawing, an old passion of mine.

What are the three staples in your kitchen right now?

Feta cheese, fruit (bananas and apples) and a lot of different sauces (I’m a sauce gal).


Coffee or tea?

I love both, but I’d say tea at the moment.

Who are you in lockdown with?

My aunt.


What are you currently most grateful for?

I’m grateful that I have a warm home during this time and I’m able to still afford the necessary things that I need on a daily basis.

How do you keep yourself going and motivated during this time?

Listening to music, keeping in touch with my loved ones and doing creative activities, such as cooking, drawing and creating makeup looks.


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