Lockdown Lowdown With Mr Lee Fraser

Travel and lifestyle blogger, Mr Lee Fraser lets us into his world during the lockdown.

What is the first thing you’ll get up to once lockdown is over? 

A well deserved weekend away to a wine farm.

Which restaurant do you miss the most? 

Iron Steak and Bar.

What’s your favourite home-cooked meal you’ve made during lockdown? 

Butter Chicken is always a win and my fav chocolate brownies.

What are you watching on Netflix? 

Nothing currently, but I am watching Grey’s Anatomy on Showmax.

Have you picked up a hobby or perfected a skill? 

I think we all became master chefs in this lockdown period. I’ve always loved cooking and baking, but even more now.

What are the three staples in your kitchen right now? 

My blender, water dispenser and my turmeric.

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Coffee or tea? 

Definitely coffee!

Who are you in lockdown with? 

My husband, Jody.

What are you currently most grateful for? 

Having a roof over my head and food to eat every day.

How do you keep yourself going and motivated during this time?

I’m a freelancer, so I’ve always got something to do, but my two cats keep me very busy as they are always playing.

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