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Lockdown Lowdown With Lindiwe Dim

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We caught up with model, actress and YouTuber, Lindiwe Dim, to find out what she has been up to during this lockdown.

What is the first thing you'll get up to once lockdown is over? 

I just want to go back to work, engaging and learning and practicing my craft with my colleagues again. I really miss it, both modelling and acting.

Which restaurant do you miss the most?

In Joburg, I miss Il Contadino in Parkhurst.

What's your favourite home-cooked meal you've made during lockdown?

Coconut lentil curry.

What are you watching on Netflix?

Abstract, a show about design in different fields and each episode follows the life of very pivotal designers in society, from scientists who do biological design to the guy who designs the UX/UI for Instagram to Tinker Hatfield who designs Air Jordans.

Have you picked up a hobby or perfected a skill?

Picked up screenwriting, I’ve always loved writing, so I found a free online course to help me get the stories out of my head and on paper.

What are the three staples in your kitchen right now?

Hummous, lots of fruit, mostly grapes, and tea. I love tea, it’s part of my self-care routine so I have loads of different types of tea.

Coffee or tea?

Definitely tea.

Who are you in lockdown with?

I’m staying in the UK with a friend of mine and her mother.

What are you currently most grateful for?

My family, being away from them for so long has emphasised how important they are in my life and really cemented the fact that our connections with other human beings are the most valuable things we can have on this planet. I miss them so much.

How do you keep yourself going and motivated during this time?

Honestly, I’m taking it easy. I’ve been having it quite rough emotionally because I’m dealing with the same pressures as everyone else of being lockeddown and unable to work outside as a creative, but I’m also alone in a foreign country. It’s quite a weighty situation, so I’m not putting any pressure on myself to produce or create. I try to do the things that make me happy and feel good which in turn birth the motivation to continue.


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