Lockdown Lowdown With Gareth Cliff

We’ve reached out to South Africa’s favourite shock jock and award-winning podcaster, Gareth Cliff, to find out how the lockdown is treating him. 

What is the first thing you’ll get up to once lockdown is over?

I think I’ll want to have dinner with my family, have a big party with my friends and go to the office – which will feel like a holiday.

Which restaurant do you miss the most?

To be honest, I miss fast food, but that’s probably a reason lockdown has been good for me.

What’s your favourite home-cooked meal you’ve made during lockdown?

I’m not great in the kitchen, but I made a mean Rogan Josh curry last week and a stellar mushroom on toast breakfast.

What are you watching on Netflix?

I don’t watch TV at all and I was mostly on YouTube watching conspiracy theory and historical documentaries.

Have you picked up a hobby or perfected a skill?

I started painting again. I haven’t done that in 12 years and it felt good to do it, but what I created was no masterpiece.

What are the three staples in your kitchen right now?

Tea, tomatoes, apples.

Coffee or tea?


Who are you in lockdown with?

I’m on my own with my spaniel, Carl.

What are you currently most grateful for?

My house and my garden. It must be horrible to be in lockdown (as so many people are) in one or two rooms with nowhere else to go.

How do you keep yourself going and motivated during this time?

I’m reading a few good books, doing some exercises every day and interviewing other South Africans in lockdown for the podcast series we’ve done on Cliffcentral.com called Living in Lockdown. You should listen to it.

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