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LINDT Chocolate Boutique Sweetens Up Sandton City

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Chocoholics, this is for you! You’re all in for a real treat as LINDT has unveiled its Chocolate Boutique at Sandton City which has been designed to take chocolate appreciation to a new level! This is more than just a shop, it’s an invitation into the world of LINDT. 

LINDT Chocolate Boutique is the first of its kind in South Africa and will be offering visitors an intimate and luxurious glimpse into the world of the LINDT Swiss Master Chocolatiers. You will also be given the opportunity to taste and explore a wide selection of international LINDT flavours along with the full range of well-known favourites!

Over and above its decadent edible offerings, LINDT Chocolate Boutique gives visitors a chance to experience the passion, dedication and imagination of the LINDT Master Chocolatiers and learn more about the unique processes, premium ingredients and craftsmanship that have made LINDT one of the world’s favourite chocolates for the past 170 years. And, with the help of on-site chocolate advisors, LINDT fans will also be able to discover new and exciting flavour profiles based on their individual preferences and lifestyles.

You can expect elements that will tickle your taste buds, such as the LINDOR Pick & Mix, which allows chocoholics to choose from an assortment of LINDOR Truffle flavours to satisfy any chocolate craving! Also, a world-first exhibition of chocolate art, inspired by the LINDT journey from Switzerland to South Africa, will be on display in store. The exhibit, featuring edible art pieces crafted by the LINDT Master Chocolatiers, will be open to the public until the Monday 14 September, 2015.

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