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What do a scantily-clad man and seven gorgeous women standing on various
street corners around Joburg have in common? Love for the Taxman.
That’s right: You may have noticed that Liberty Life’s latest marketing
campaign bizarrely features love and tax in the same thought – but with
good reason.

On Wednesday – St Valentine’s Day – the “Love the Taxman” campaign,
which runs until the 28th February, saw “Mr Taxman” (better known as
“Idols” finalist Jacques Terblanche), accompanied by a bevy of beauties,
handed out chocolate heart cards to motorists around Joburg. The
purpose was to remind people of the tax benefits available to encourage
them to save towards their retirement, and to visit the
specially-developed website

Using a humorous approach, the campaign aims – with tongue firmly in
cheek – to turn the word Tax into something that’s loveable and fun.

Mr. Taxman, Oh Mr. Taxman.
I’ll be your valentine and you’ll be mine.
You’ll give me tax back and I’ll feel fine.
With my Liberty Personal Pension I know I can.

Although it’s quite a wacky campaign, the marketing message is rooted in
some sobering statistics: currently, just 6% of South Africans can
afford to retire comfortably. 47% will be dependent on relatives, 31%
forced to continue working or start new careers, and 16% will be
dependent on the state pension – a meagre R820 per month.

The idea behind the “Love the Taxman” campaign is to get people to
question whether they have saved enough for retirement. The campaign
motivates them to do so, with clear communication that highlights the
tax incentives linked to contributing to a Personal Pension.

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