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Fight To Help Our Homeless

Fight To Help Our Homeless

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The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm and our homeless are in desperate need for our help. Let us become one and assist.

The country is facing one of the most difficult situations it has ever had to face. The COVID-19 virus has greatly impacted the economy and although many people are able to make ends meet, the homeless people in the country are suffering and need help.

If we work together we can play a significant role in helping with the prevention of death, disaster and the spread of this virus. One of the organisations that have played a major role is SDI Force, but they need some help.

It Starts With You

One of the best ways to assist people affected by COVID-19 is with food and hygiene, and the SDI Force have tried to help in every way that they can. They have established an emergency relief programme during this national crisis to ensure that basic needs are met. The organization is working hard to make sure that they help out while complying with the COVID-19 processes and regulations.

Due to the amount of people that have still not received help, the funds that were set up to finance this initiative are running low and without additional funding for the initiative, it might come to a standstill. We are pleading with the nation to help.

Any financial assistance and donations would be much appreciated and put to good use. We ask that all who are able to help, from individuals to corporate companies. You can make donations on the Unity Values website:

"On a national level, there is a large amount of money being pumped into other Covid-19-related funds, and whilst this shows how big South African hearts are, it is taking far too long for this cash to be released and used in emergency efforts. Donations to the SDI Force fund, however, are released immediately to aid operational costs and, most importantly, buy food packs for these starving citizens. What goes in tonight is used tomorrow morning to help save lives. Every cent has an immediate, life-changing effect." - SDI Force

Let's Work Together

With the amount of people who need help, the funds are needed urgently. Joburg has about 15 000 homeless people who are desperate, hungry and in need of preventative measures. Initially, the SDI Force delivered R1 000 food packs to help families over a length of time, but now the focus has shifted to creating smaller three-day relief packs.

food packs

“If we can raise the funds to deliver these then we can keep the wolf from the door,” explains Andile Ramaphosa, SDI Force Co-Founder. “But time is running out and the situation is starting to look worrying. We can’t appeal loudly enough: we need help.”

“We are fortunate to have a tried-and-tested, world-class operating system in place,” says Brad Fisher, ADreach Managing Director and SDI Co-Founder.

Both Co-Founders have committed their time and efforts to providing food and sanitation, and the sooner we act, the sooner they can roll out a bigger plan to help. If we lend a helping hand financially, they will re-train SDI micro-suppliers and provide them with the skills to be deployed as sanitising personnel.

The extra funds will also go towards homeless shelters and aim to provide protective gear and warm wear. All the deliveries are made with extra precaution and full compliance with all measures during the national lockdown. Let us gather as one and save lives, now is the time for action as fellow citizens. We have never been more connected than we are now, although it is under awful circumstances, we can still stand strong together and fight.

joyful person with food pack

Let's fight for those who cannot fight for themselves and contribute to emergency relief items, such as food packs, COVID-19 personal protective equipment (PPE), shelter, sleeping bags or apparel. Please make a donation through

For corporates who want to help with equipment provision or repurposing of existing equipment for micro-suppliers to do their work, please contact Laura on 083 468 3867.


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