Lekker Live Music Venues To Check Out


There is nothing quite like hearing your favourite music performed live.  Get to see new and established artists perform their craft first hand. There is something quite magical about the energy and impulse of a live show that cannot be replicated in a recording.


So whether you’re into smooth jazz, electronica or rock, Pretoria has a host of live music venue options to keep your inner-groupie alive.

An Oldie but Goodie – Tings and Times:

Once the bastion of the Hatfield music scene, Tings and Times relocated to the Waterglen Centre in 2011 and never looked back. This chilled-out setting offers great cocktails, Jamaican-inspired food and the opportunity to see some of South Africa’s more alternative musos in action.

For the Younger Crowd– Arcade Empire:

Situated in Equestria, Arcade Empire has become renowned as THE place to see new and established favourites that appeal to a younger bunch. The venue has developed a reputation for supporting the “Belliville” bands currently coming out of the Western Cape, but offers a great mix of electronic and other music styles to keep musical cravings under control.

 The Bling Crowd – Topflo Prestige Bar and Grill:

If you’re into electronic, hip hop and soul grooves, you can’t afford to miss a performance at Topflo Prestige Bar and Grill situated in Arcadia. Catering to an upmarket crowd, this venue boasts great service in an elegant yet modern space that can go from day-to-night as quickly as you can.

For Friends and Families – The Barnyard Theatre

The Barnyard Theatre offers music and theatre aficionados a family friendly environment in which to let their hair down and have a bit to eat drink while enjoying revivals as well as some new acts. Typical shows include 60’s and 70’s Revivals, tributes and Afrikaans performances. This place is predictable in every way – and that’s exactly what we like about it.

For the No-Matter-What Jollers: Madison Avenue in Pretoria

Most people leave Madison’s having had a great time, often followed by a massive hangover. This is one of those spots where you leave your emo at the door, because now you’re in jock and student territory. The venue often hosts live pop and dance acts to go with your tequilas and Strawberry Lips and is a guaranteed spot for a good jol among some massive guys and platinum blondes.

By Veronica Botes

Know of any live music spots that turn you on? Let us know.





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