La Parada Turns Tapas Into An Experience

Situated at the illustrious Waterfall Corner, La Parada acts as every tapas fan’s port of call when it comes to brilliant bite sized eats. The restaurant has become known for its beautiful design, cocktails and tasty tapas.

La Parada

The Design At La Parada

There’s only one way to address the design and decor of La Parada: it feels like you’re in Spain. The fiesta vibe is conveyed through the wall tiles, artwork and seating that decorates the interior of this magnificent space. What the Spanish would call a morada – an abode – is what La Parada prides itself on. From the friendly and knowledgeable staff to the live music, there’s a feeling of homeliness here. The raised plafón decorated in Edison light bulb-clad chandeliers add a tungsten hue to the interior, reflecting the eternal sunset over a Spanish dream.

La Parada

The Tapas At La Parada

Cutting to the chase, La Parada is all about tapas. The idea is to eat a little, drink a little and talk a lot, and the dishes on the menu amplify that mantra. Patrons can expect menu entries such as cauliflower popcorn, grilled and fried calamari, tuna tacos and the tapas star, pork belly. Ask your waiter to recommend a wine or cocktail pairing.

La Parada

The Mains At La Parada

Above and beyond La Parada’s claim to fame, the restaurant also boasts an impressive main menu. Items such as Wagyu beef burgers, rib eye on the bone (because rib eye served off the bone is a sin), and massive salads are at the order of the day – pun intended. As a quick side note, the fillet tagliata is a salad that can replace any main meal without even blinking. Expect a fanned medium rare beef fillet served on a bed of rocket, toasted pine nuts, a variety of tomatoes, and dressed with a balsamic reduction, Parmesan shavings and truffle oil.

La Parada

The Dessert At La Parada

The final star rated to a restaurant should always be determined by the eatery’s dessert menu. With that said, we gladly award that final star to La Parada. It being a Spanish inspired venue, patrons should expect churros on the cards – it is after all culinary trend in Joburg. We gave the deep-fried dough a skip and dived head-first into the dark chocolate tartlets, smothered in melted marshmallows, served with raspberry sorbet and dressed with raspberry dust.

La Parada

For More Information

Tel: 010 035 4901

Address: Corner Waterfall and Woodmead Drive, Waterfall Corner, Midrand, Johannesburg


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