Kwik Kerb


Improve the value, look and feel of your home and create your haven!

Kwik Kerb operators provide continuous concrete edging to enhance gardens, driveways and any landscaped areas. The finished product not only looks great, but it is a cost-effective method to create mower strips, driveway curbs and very functional and stylish garden edges for home-owners or any type of property.

Kwik Kerb comes in a wide range of colours and patterns

Kwik Kerb is a unique and beautiful concrete curbing and is the most sought after concrete edging in the world. Produced in many shapes, colours and styles kwik Kerb has an amazing aesthetic appeal and appearance. Kwik Kerb is a durable concrete that can be produced in a huge range of colours, textures and patterns to compliment any environment or landscaping requirement.

Almost any colour can be chosen and shape and contours can be easily created in any landscape. The concrete curbing is quickly finished and the difference it makes to a front yard is simply amazing. With some imagination a once dull front yard can be quickly transformed into a showpiece! Kwik Kerb concrete edging is a functional and attractive improvement to any paved area and will not break the bank. The kerbing finishes off any garden bed making your garden look like a landscaped work of art, neat, tidy and in need of little maintenance. The finished result is a functional yet tidy boundary.

Any home-owner can create an absolute masterpiece with their garden. The addition of Kwik Kerb will make any home stand out from every other property in the street. It won’t take long before the neighbors will want to have it installed as well.

In the confined spaces found in many gardens, Kwik Kerb can be easily installed with smooth flowing curves. Smooth continuous lines look much better than the sharp angles formed by many other methods of edging garden beds.

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